Mother's Day Surprises.....

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  1. Hey everyone! So my darling loves gifted me this morning with, well 2 new loves:biggrin:
    I'm really loving both of them, but do I need both of them? Thoughts on the two are greatly appreciated. The yellow is the old medium and the blue is the new medium. Thanks so much!!

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  2. I adore them! Happy mothers day!
  3. If it were me, I would only keep one, unless it's something you love so much you want all different sizes. I try not to have the same style bag. I like the blue one, matches with formal black suits or casual jeans. Both are lovely colors though.
  4. First of all they are so beautiful. I would keep them, they are gifts from your family making them incredibly special.
  5. Pretty bags! Happy Mother's Day!
  6. Both are Beautiful bags! If I had to choose one...I would choose the navy boy in the new medium. For me personally, I prefer the old medium size, but also prefer darker colors for the Chanel boy. Good luck deciding!
  7. Well, which one of the two is from your favorite child? :lolots: SO KIDDING!!!!

    Personally, I would say consider what other bags are already in your collection to support your decision.

    For example, if you already got lots of classic flaps in black/dark colors, then 2 bright boys in different size may just be great to fill that gap (smaller yellow bag for summer/casual and larger blue for whenever year round to brighten up a neutral outfit).

    I find that the blue color is more versatile for all seasons, while the small old medium size is great with shorts and casual clothing in more summer/spring time (the yellow is perfect for that too).

    How do the different sizes look on you? is there 1 of the 2 sizes that you favor ?
  8. Beautiful bags! Congrats!
  9. Happy Mother's Day and congratulations! Keep both the bags as I feel that it's about making memories and cherishing gifts from family!
  10. Happy Mother's Day! Beautiful boy but for me I keep the Blue! Congrats and have a great day
  11. Good grief this was extremely thoughtful of your family!!! If they truly picked them out and surprised you (you didn't hint for them nor pick them out and they said ok that's your present-this is what I usually have to do to get the items I want) then I would keep both. It would make it... not as special to return one in their thoughtful eyes. ☺️The blue is much brighter and gorgeous than it showed in this photo and is great year round. The yellow is so unique and great for spring/summer. Congrats and Happy Mother's Day!!!
  12. How nice to be loved like this!

    It's hard to weigh in since I don't know what else you own. I choose my bags based on the color / style I need to accent my wardrobe. So do you need a summery bright? Yellow is a sunny option. Do you need a rich color that you can easily wear year round? The blue may be a great add.

    If you can easily add either to your collection, I would vote for the blue. I don't care for yellow bags. And I think you may tire of it and / or not get as much use as with the blue.
  13. I'm too sentimental when it comes to gifts, I love things that were picked out for me out of love. They are similar bags but the size and color difference is significant, the yellow is so special and the navy is practical....
  14. Beautiful!! Happy Mother's Day!!
  15. Both are beautiful...congrats and what a generous family you have. :heart: