Mothers day remember

  1. So my sister announced to the family today she is PREGNANT!!!:dothewave:

    I'm so excited, she's making 1yr wedding anniversary in 3weeks and she's already 2mos pregnant this Friday. :yes: She's due on December 26, 2007. Unexpectedly with the early pregnancy but she was planning to get pregnant around this summer, but I'm :woohoo:
    so excited i cried and gave her the biggest hug ever!!:happydance:

    She's more a mom to me than mine actually is and the only family we have here in the States is me, her, and our parents so we're EXPANDING!! lol

    :graucho:just had to announce this cause i'm so happy!! :yahoo:
  2. That is wonderful news. Congratulations to your family.
  3. Awwwwwww, what a great mothers day present!! :smile:

    My babe was an early M.D. present!
  4. congratulations!!!
  5. Congratulations! I can almost feel your excitement through the monitor :smile: It makes me happy that you are so happy! (if that makes any sense, lol.)
  6. Congrats!! :yahoo: