Mother's Day reveal

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  1. You look really cute with it and it looks like the perfect size on you! Congrats!

  2. The MM looks perfect. IMO, the PM would be too small.
  3. Congrats and happy mother's day! It looks great on you!
  4. What a wonderful gift! You have such a nice husband and daughter!
  5. Congrats! Enjoy your new NF, its a wonderful bag.
  6. Looks fabulous on you! Congratulations such a wonderful gift!
  7. It's beautiful! I'm happy for you! [emoji173]️
  8. It looks perfect on you, congrats!
  9. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And the size is absolutely perfect although I do tend to gravitate toward larger bags [emoji106]
  10. Thank you everyone! I've been using my beauty the past few days and absolutely love it. The size is perfect and I'm so glad I read all comments and didn't exchange for the PM. I absolutely love the versatility and it has been perfect for work and every day!

  11. Yay! Congrats and enjoy! So glad you kept the MM!

  12. Love it - and it looks great on you!! [emoji7]
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