Mothers Day Purse Cake Pics!!!!!

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  1. :lol: :biggrin: PHH actually said it looks like one of those white MC LV SPEEDIES!!LOL!
    I am sooo rubbing off on him..whether he likes it or not!!! TOO FUNNY!


  2. oh my gosh, that is a really good cake.. ur hubby loves u so much... enjoy the day Jill.. btw, Happy mother's day...
  3. Happy Mothers Day!! That is an awesome looking cake. Have a wonderful day.:biggrin::yes:
  4. I've been dying to see this! That is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. You got a good hubster!
    Happy Mothers Day!
  5. Happy Mother's Day!!!! Looks beautiful and YUMMY!!!!! Enjoy!
  6. How cute!!!!!!!!! Please tell PHH that we all love him here! And that he can purse hate all he wants, but you really are wearing him down

    And boy oh boy does that man love you!!!!!!
  7. ohh so cute, you can have your purse and eat it too.
  8. Looks absolutely delicious!
  9. Awww....that is adorable!
  10. So sweet. It does look like a Speedy. :love:
  11. You are a lucky Lady, enjoy your day. :heart:
  12. You guys are too sweet..thanks!
    Wish I could give you all a piece of the cake, too!
  13. such a beautiful cake! happy mother's day!
  14. Yummy! It looks too good to eat!
  15. enjoy the day and the cake