Mothers Day presents...

  1. Had such a a lovely day yesterday, went to Manchester Hermes and got a couple of goodies for mothers day. I was actually treating myself, having finally started working to save for a Birkin, had to blow my first wage. I bought myself some sandals for the summer, give me something to look forward to. They are the traditional flatties from Hermes, 'Oran' sandals in box leather with contrasting stitching, I think the colour is gold, they are mid tan. On behalf of DD, DH bought me a new scarf, I love it so much, it's 'Champs de Courses' in a muted golden beige colour, shown in the pic with a horn scarf ring. I mustn't spend anymore now, got to save in earnest for that Birkin. DD and I are going to London next month for a couple of days, must stay strong....:smile:


    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    sandals1.jpg champs2.jpg champs+ring.jpg champs7.jpg champs1.jpg
  2. HOLY MOLY!!! SO NICE!!! Enjoy it all in the best of health!!!
  3. woweeeeeeeeeeeee so beautiful
  4. gorgeous! i didnt know there was an hermes in manchester? is it in selfridges? is it new lol?
  5. its near the exchange square not in trafford and has been there for sometime
  6. It's a stand-alone store in King Street, been there a few years, about 5 mins walk from Selfridges.
  7. Gorgeous sandals & beautiful scarf, so classy. Enjoy & have a happy Mother's day :smile:
  8. Great buys!! The scarf looks great on you!
  9. Beautiful, happy Mother's day! We, here in the US, have to wait another month!
  10. Gorgeous goodies!!! I love it all!! Congratulations and enjoy!!
  11. Love the sandals -- there is something about this time of year that makes buying sandals a real pick me up.
  12. BEAUTIFUL, ALLABOUTNICE!!!!! Love the sandals and that scarf is TDF!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another month for moi!
  13. Love love love your colour choices and deeply impressed by your scarf-tying skills.:yes:
  14. More gorgeous goodies! Love everything---it's my first time seeing the Champs de Courses in that colorway--it really suits you very well. And those sandals--TDF!
  15. Nice, I like the way you model your pretty scarf. I need a scarf ring like yours and I need to branch into some regular Hermes scarves ( I usually buy the plisse style)

    The colorway on this 'Champs de Courses' is beautiful ( and so are your new shoes!!)