Mother's Day Present from Chanel

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  1. My favorite SA sent me my first Mother's day present this year - makes a pretty happy Friday!!!

    Funny thing - My kids already picked out/called dibs their favorite flavor! hahaha... :lolots:

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  2. Wish you a very YUMMY Mother's Day with your family! : )
  3. Looks so good,HAPPY Mothers Day
  4. What a lovely gift...Happy Mother's Day. :heart:
  5. Thank you so much! already on the last piece... they sure go fast! :snack:
  6. Wow look so yummy and pretty colorful party!! Happy Mother's Day!!!xoxo :smile:
  7. Yummy! Happy Mother's day!!
  8. What a nice gift! Enjoy them and Mother's Day!
  9. So nice they thought of you! My kids would be told hands off
  10. So sweet! Happy Mother's Day!
  11. Oh my goodness, how very sweet of your SA!!
  12. Yummy! So nice! Happy Mother's Day
  13. Sweet gift! Happy Mother's Day!
  14. What a sweet & thoughtful SA!!!! Happy Mother's Day :smile: