Mothers Day Plans???????

  1. we usually go out to brunch here in NJ...anyone else?
    Im goin to my FAVE restaurant for Mothers Day..How about u?
  2. Last year was my first mother's day as a mom and my husband blew the whole deal (he did take me out and get me stuff but since it was also my mom's first as a grandmother I wanted to do something with her--instead we ended up hanging out at my MILs house and well, I am not even going to go there). I sure hope he does MUCH better this year. I am too scared to ask because I don't want to be mad from now until then.
  3. :wtf: ouch i feel for you. can you hint to him what you'd like to do or not do so you don't get stuck with MIL again?

    I'm taking mom and dad to a some nice restaurant for a meal. we try to do it the day before or after so we don't cram with the crowds!! :smile:

  4. ^^^I made it loud and clear last year...hopefully he remmebers! LOL
  5. It's my first Mother's Day! But my daughter is only 4 months old.. haha. :p
  6. Hmmm, I dunno what DH has planned. Just had baby #2 five months ago so he better have plans. I atleast know I'm getting LV, haaaa!
  7. I'm taking my Mom to our favorite restaurant on Saturday, and on Sunday we'll visit my grandma.
  8. My dh will be away all next week and will get home very late The Saturday nite before mom's day. I'm pretty much screwed! The kids are making me something in school so that's always cute. I will buy myself something no doubt!
  9. ^AWE SHU!Come visit us gals in NJ and come out with us!!!
  10. I am getting my mom a little something from BV, my dad is getting her something from LV and has her on vacation right now, and I think we will probably make brunch. It is the usual!
  11. I wish I could hang with my mom, but she is overseas, its times like this when it really sucks to be apart. Her and I are good friends and I really like spending time with her. Anyways, I'm sure we'll be doing something with dh's mom...probably take her out to eat and spend the day with her.
  12. I'm getting back from vacation on Mothers Day so we'll probably either take her out to dinner that night, if we can stay awake, or out to a meal the next weekend. She's pretty laid back about it, usually there is a brunch that our entire extended family attends every Mothers Day so at least she won't be celebrating alone!
  13. my mom will be away on vacation this year, but we usually get lobsters for dinner to celebrate mother's day. will probably do it when she returns
  14. I wish Jill!!! I heard you NJer's no how to party!![​IMG]

  15. ^LOL SHU!
    JILLYBEAN and I are goin to Manicure /Martini nt at our fave place this Thurs..heehee..We arent that far a drive you know???LOL!