Mother's Day Input!

  1. Well as you guys know mother's day is coming up! AND that means LV shopping for mommy. Well, what is a good sized wallet, in either multicolor, vernis, or classic monogram. it needs to be relatively large with a check book holder thing and coin thing. so it needs to be big. :graucho: thanks
  2. I would go for the PTI. Its spacious and can fit a checkbook in it with ease.
  3. how about the "french purse"
  4. The french purse wont fit a check book, but it is a great wallet. I suggest the PTI. I believe the zippy organizer also has space for a check book.
  5. Go for the PTI in multicolore! It will definitely fit a checkbook. Another good option would be the PTI in Framboise Vernis.
  6. GO PTI! It's my workhorse wallet! Such a classic and will definitely hold a checkbook.
  7. PTI

    it is!
  8. Verrryyyyy good choice :biggrin:
  9. PTI is the best choice! :biggrin:
  10. Great Choice!
  11. whoops just to let yall know, we picked out the white multicolor PTI for my mom (my dad bought it) and she realllly liked it. thanks guys!
  12. Great is she finding using it??:biggrin: