Mothers Day in Multicolor

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  1. He knows that purple is my favorite color and surprised me with a Multicolor Zippy Coin Purse with the violette interior.

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  2. Gorgeous!!
  3. Stunning. Congrats and enjoy :smile:
  4. Love it!!
  5. so pretty - congrats!
  6. Congrats and Happy Mother's Day :smile:
  7. Pretty! Congrats!
  8. Congrats! I love the MC and purple!
    If you don't mind, may I ask if this was purchased in the US? (Coz I couldn't find one last year (I know it's been discontinued) and ended up getting the larger zippy wallet but would love to have ZCP.
  9. love this combo. congrats!!!
  10. So cute!! Love the interior color!! Congrats.
  11. When/where was this purchased? I've wanted the zippy coin purse forever! I couldn't find one last year either! What an amazing gift!
  12. I love that color combo.
  13. Absolutely beautiful! Still one of my favorite lines! I wish they would make a few new bags.
  14. What a sweetie! its so pretty
  15. I agree :smile: