Mother's Day....good excuse for a new handbag??

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  1. I am so excited.....I just happened to be passing by my favorite second hand hand bag shop here in Hong Kong, and bought myself my own Mother's Day gift a little early!!!! I had to show it off, because it is so....cute, and was such a bargain ($300). I have just informed my DH via e-mail (if he's pissed, he can just take it out on me via the internet!) it is
    ebay pics 027.jpg
  2. aww congrats!! monther's day is a great excuse for a new handbag and you got a great deal on that as well =)

    happy early mother's day!!
  3. Love it! Congratulations annemerrick! You deserve it, Happy (early) Mothers Day!
  4. Thanks!!! I am sure my kids would approve of buying their mother a new bag. I didn't know how to resist, as they had it priced at almost $500, but because of my frequent buying habit...give me good discounts!!
  5. Good for you! Happy Mother's day (lol). My favorite holiday to buy a bag is my unbirthday lol.
  6. haha, i love that! so cute :nuts:

    btw, adorable doggie too!
  7. It's a damn good thing there are unbirthdays, otherwise I might never get new handbags!!!! My hubby jokes that one of the reasons that I wanted kids was another holiday to buy myself a handbag!!!
  8. Thanks Jen :shame:
  9. :lol: :lol:
  10. Lovely! And what a good deal! :biggrin:
  11. Wow! That is a great deal! Happy Mother's Day!

    I'm thinking of getting my mom a handbag, also.
  12. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! You deserve it...congrats!
  13. OMG, what a good deal. i love it!!!!congratulations. HMMMM now you are giving me ideas.
  14. What a deal! Love it. Mother's day is definitely a good excuse for a new handbag :smile:
  15. Happy Mother's Day (early)! It's a very unique bag.
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