mother's day gift??!

  1. OK i subscribe to a few newsletters and one of them suggested this for mother's day....

    [FONT=helvetica,arial,sans-serif]Gadgets:[/FONT] [FONT=helvetica,arial,sans-serif]Turn-Me-On Vibrating Panties[/FONT]
    [FONT=helvetica,arial,sans-serif]$99 at[/FONT]
    [​IMG]These lace and satin bikini bottoms hide a 7-function vibrating nub, which you control via wireless remote -- because physically touching your mom there would be inappropriate.


    UHmmmm firstly, this seems like a REALLY SCARY thing!! I'm not sure i'd even give this to anyone....

    and for MOTHERS DAY?? to your Mom?? can u imagine giving this to your MOM??? :wtf::shrugs::yucky:
  2. Yes, of course, if you come from a freak family! :nuts:
  3. LMAO I was just planning on taking my mom to get manis/pedis but I am seriously second guessing my decision!!

  4. Lunch, flowers, a card and a big hug and kiss.
  5. NO! WAY! My mom would be like "WHAT HELL IS THAT"!LOL!!!
  6. that is totally inappropriate!!! I think my father would actually be the one to do the killing!
  7. My mom would probably start screaming and pass out, and then my father would yell at me. Im not sure I would give that to anyone...definently not my mother. I dont even think Id give that to one of my friends as a joke, its just not even funny.
  8. errr... def NOT what was posted above!!!!

    Im taking my mom out to dinner on Mother's Day
  9. haha, that's hilarious. My mom would laugh her @$$ off if I gave that to her, but I can't imagine giving it to her and being serious. Yeah, I'm opting for something a bit, erm, traditional.
  10. My Mom would quit being my Mom if I gave her that!!!

  11. I loved this answer! :yes: This described my thoughts, as well.