Mother's Day Gift...

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  1. I intend to get my mum a LV this mother's day.Well..I didnt get her anything for her B'dae but this time I am sure I wanna get something for her.

    She likes shoulder bags which are not stiff n soft texture..or I can also get her a wallet

    I chose the likely few...I won't mind suggestions still coz I havent made up my mind. Well I was suppose to get my Rolex diamond dial for my Rolex but apparently they do not hav it for my model. But with the cash for it,I can buy a bag or wallet for my mum.

    1)Cabas MM-Antigua
    2)Reade PM-Vernis (But I am worried of discolouring in the future)
    4) Zippy wallet- In damier/mono

    5) Maybe a Coach Zipped wallet? Which is cheaper..hehehe

    6)Dun get anything from LV...Other brands maybe?
    I appreaciate suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank YOU..:p

    Budget is max US700-800.
  2. How about the Popincourt Haut?
  3. I like the Vernis Zippy Wallet, not in perle though.... I'm worry about the color transfer. The Pomme is so beautiful.
  4. BH. My mom loves the BH! : )
  5. It's alittle off budget ...:p hahaha..any thanks for the suggestion
  6. BH is alittle big..but I think I will stick with the Batignolles. Is the leather hard or stiff?
  7. I striked off the vernis zippy n narrowed down to the damier/mono
  8. Well I hope she isn't angry with me buying something expensive for her...Well she told me to save for our trip to HK in Jan 08. But...I don't really like the feeling of like starving myself for a week then eat an expensive meal in a restaurant. Then starve again...then enjoy again..

    Hahah...I prefer to maybe eat something mid range everytime,save abit lesser but still enjoy a gd meal in a longer period of time
  9. the best food is often find in mid range restaurant or street booth, but rare in fancy restaurant! Pomme Zippe would be nice, what about a shawl w/cles or koala wallet?
  10. the leather on the regular batignolles is a bit stiff at first..but it softens over time! the regular batignolles is a great choice! easy to get in and out of...and a perfect size for going out!

  11. Ok..then that's not a good example. Oh then..u save for like a whole month for a bag that u like..compared to u saving for a WHOLE YEAR and then for a spree n get 12 bags at one short.

    Which will u prefer?:rolleyes:

    Pomme Zippe is nice but I worry about discolouring..and at that price I could get a nice bag..hahaha

    Well,I wld prefer the Zippy to Koala,the functions are better.

    ..Shawl..I thought of that. But I dun think she will like it.
  12. I wouldn't pick a shawl - expensive and they snag easily. I'm a mom and I absolutely love the zippy wallet - and she could use it for years. I have the monogram which I think is a little more feminine in the zippy than the damier - and no worries - just carefree and pretty and very functional. I recommend either a zippy or a batignolles horizontal - which is also very carefree. Both my daughters have one and love it and I am waiting for one!
  13. Yeah I agree..

    I think I will go for either the Zippy or Batignolles Regular(Not Horizontal,it's rather big)

    Now to choose between the Zippy n Batignolles...VOTE PLEASE PEOPLE! Thanks:p
  14. I vote for batignolles :smile:
  15. A question on the it a handheld or shoulder bag?

    It says handheld on