mother's day gift ideas?

  1. for an intensely boring mom who sucks and doesn't truly like ANYTHING?

    i'm anal, i like to get this stuff out of the way.

    thanks guys.
  2. What does she like to do for fun?
  3. A very nice sentimental card, and out to lunch/dinner. That's all my mom ever wants...
  4. Maybe if you don't live at home, she'd love to get a handwritten note once a week.

    I guess that isn't exactly a Mother's Day present but it's a sweet gesture. :love:

    Maybe you could help her find a hobby like sign her up for art classes.
  5. god i totally forgot about this holiday! gah. my mom's bday is june 1st, and that's a lil less than a month after mother's day, so i usually combine the two.. last year i got her a coach purse.. which she loves to death. i might get her a matching wallet.. or upgrade her to an LV hudson. however, if i get her the hudson it'd be closer to an xmas gift/mothers day/birthday for the next couple years. haha.
  6. my mom loves to read, she's jeopardy champion. in the past i've gotten her magazine subscriptions, but there aren't any she'd like, she says. if i bought her a purse, she'd kill me. "waste of money". she has tons of perfume she doesn't wear, only wears makeup to formal events, isn't into sports, doesn't garden, all her bowling stuff she already likes, she's really picky about clothes, i really can't afford the type of jewelery she'd wear. and i feel like gift certificates are for people you don't know well. sigh.
  7. Get her a collection of books. If she has a favorite author, then get her hardcopies of all his/her books; or a first edition of a classic that she loves.
  8. Maybe you should get her a pedicure or a manicure. Or maybe a spa treatment for the day? Or a really classy strand of pearls?
  9. last year, i got my mom an ipod. she had seen mine and thought it was "neat". i downloaded her favorite music and all her cds on it. my mom is not very technology savvy so she would have never bought one on her own. she loves it... uses it when she works out and gardens.

    this year, i'm undecided... so i would love to get some ideas as well.
  10. Hi organic, what kind of books does your mum like? Does she like animals?

    Esile, since your mum likes gardening, do you think she might like a Lodis wallet with a floral design? A few examples (there are some more on Zappos):
    Lodis New Day Slim French Purse - $81-95
    Lodis New Day Checkbook Clutch - $111-95
    Lodis Impressionist Curved Double Frame - $151-95 (this can be used as a wallet, clutch, or small shoulder bag)
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  11. Organic, since your mum loves to read, presumably she has many books? How about book ends?

    How about books?
    "The Sensualist" sounds interesting ...

    I know you mentioned you won't buy her jewellery but how about this?

    Esile, do you think your mum would enjoy reading this book?
    "In and out of the garden" by Sara Midda

    Or what about a Stephanie Johnson bag?
    Make-up bag
  12. Send her flowers!
    Most women never buy them for themselves and the few times I've sent them to people they've flipped out over them! LOL!
  13. That's a great idea, SwankyMamaof3! Problem solved ... :biggrin:
  14. I'm a mom and don't even need a gift. But on mothers day please be nice to your sibling, clean up after yourself, and don't make me stress out!
  15. when my mother was alive, she adored me for giving her bags.... so I think a bag would be a nice gift, or you can take her out to brunc/dinner or something..