Mothers day gift for my mother

  1. My mom recently lost her cat of 14 years and she is so lonely and is now ready for another kitty. She figures this is going to be her last cat(what is it with older people ...they put a time frame on everything) anyway, she loves Siamese short hair, (wedge head) cats. So after searching and researching for weeks now I finally found one that she loves.!! I thought I would share a pic. Oh and if someone thinks they are going to give me a lecture about adopting etc...please start a new thread...
    Its the kitty in the middle pic!!! Isnt he darling!!
  2. So CUTE! What a thoughtful gift. I really love the look of siamese cats. I even went so far as to get a California rabbit because they had similar markings. lol
  3. She is going to name him King cute. Im so excited for her!!!
  4. That's a great Mothers Day present :smile: You'll have to post some pictures when she gets him!
  5. I love siamese cats.
  6. What a precious gift!

    (Why would we lecture you about adopting? That's a wonderful thing!)

    Your mother is going to adore him!
  7. I think she means she purchased the cat from a breeder rather than adopting from a shelter, rescue, etc.
    I think...
  8. Exactly!! I tried to get mom to adopt one from a siamese rescue. However she had her heart set on this one so I really could not say no...
  9. He is sooo beautiful!! What a great gift!
  10. He's beautiful. What a sweet gift for your mother.
  11. Awwww what matters is that the kitty will be in a loving home :heart:

    She picked the most gorgeous little kitten! I love the name, fits him so well! Siamese are fabulous cats :nuts: What an awesome present, I bet your mother is thrilled :yahoo:
  12. Oh, okay.

    Well, no lectures here.
  13. What a great gift!! I also laughed at your comment about how older people put time limits on things, so true!!
  14. such a pretty little kitty.
  15. What an adorable cat!!!! You are such a sweetie to get your mom exactly what she wants...I'm sure that lil kitty is going to have a loving home!