Mother's Day came early

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  1. Thanks a bundle to the lovely PFer who allowed me to adopt my new BUNDLE! Amazing what a small world eBay is :yes:

    Cloudy Bundle Bowler


    And my humble "collection"

  2. nice. love the clody bundle collection.
  3. congrats! your collection is beautiful! :heart:
  4. Nice collection. Congrats.
  5. love the cloudy bundle and the collection is great! thanks for sharing:heart:
  6. How much stuff fits in your cloudy bundle and is it a carry on the arm only bag? I really like it -- so very pretty. She looks soft and crushy.
  7. What a pretty Chanel collection...
  8. Love the new bag. You have a great collection. :heart:
  9. it's really lovely, so soft looking. happy mother's day!
  10. Your new bag is so beautiful. I love all your items
  11. Love the new bag!
  12. It's so pretty. Isn't the leather just so soft!! I love this bag, congrats!
  13. Congrats on your early gift! Love this collection so much, and that is a gorgeous bag - enjoy!! :smile:
  14. B-E-A-U-tiful!! :yes: Happy (early) Mother's Day :flowers:
  15. Pretty!