Mother's Day Burberry !

  1. My entire family comprises of impatient people, so I thought it was better to give my mom her present now. I really like this tote, especially the black patent, it's a little bit of flair. :graucho:

    What do you girls think ?

    burberry tote.jpg
  2. I LOVE it.This is by far my fave Burberry ever. I've never felt the need to purchase one til I saw that particular bag. Great choice! I'm kinda young but can I adopt you and get one of those for Mother's Day? LMAO

    Edit to Add: What are the dimensions of that one? I've seen them small and larger being modeled on eBay. I love them both. I dont live close enough to a nice store to try any bags on so I have to order sight unseen except for tPF photos. Love you girls!
  3. Perfect bag [​IMG] You made an excellent choice!
  4. Sure you can adopt me.. only if it's in time for my birthday as well. :graucho:

    The measurements I think are the same as the ones on here -

    That bag is slightly different in that I don't think it has the patent leather trim.. otherwise, it looks the same ! :yes: I can try to get some modelling pictures up later, but warning.. I am REALLY short so I tend to make bags look a lot larger. :sweatdrop:
  5. omg that bag is GORGEOUS!! You and your family have excellent taste!!

    doesnt your mom love it?!?! i love it and ive only seen pics!
  6. I think it is gorgeous!
    What a nice gift!
    It is a great size and I like how it closes on the top.
  7. That is stunning!
  8. Lovely! :drool: She'll love it!
  9. i love it!!
  10. Beautiful! It's the perfect 'classic' Burberry.
    I know your Mom is going to love it! :yahoo:
    What a good daughter you are. :heart:
  11. Cute! It's the classical Burberry, it will never go out of style, plus it looks very practical. Your mum will love it for sure
  12. I LOVE it!!!
  13. I really like it.
  14. oh my gosh...i LOVE THIS BAG!!!!! in fact, i feel like i MUST get this bag now! i went to the NM link, but it says the bag is only 6 1/5" high?? what the? in your picture the bag looks like the perfect large tote....definitely not just 6" the NM site wrong?