Mothers & Daughters Out & About !

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  2. Who is the pregnant lady in the middle?
  3. looks like reese...
  4. i think it's heidi klum.
  5. i adooore heidi + paltrow ... i feel they're real moms :heart:

    Q: who's the lady in black?
  6. The lady in black at the bottom is Heidi Klum - the one in black at the top is Kate Beckinsale no? I think Gwyneth Paltrow is there too - but that isn't her daughter but her new baby son Moses!
  7. Gwyneth and Heidi look so pretty!
  8. I love Heidi and Gweneth!!
  9. I love Heidi and Gwyenth too!!! they also looks great, their kids always look cute and happy.

    I think the lady in the middle is Patrick Dempsey's (Grey's Anatomy) wife.