Mother reunited with daughter in Britain after WWII separation: report

  1. LONDON (AFP) - A 91-year-old great-great-grandmother was reunited with a daughter she gave up for adoption towards the end of World War II at a pub in western England on Tuesday.

    Annie Burriss was adopted in 1945 and was only told the truth in her 20s, sparking a 30-year search for her real family.

    On Tuesday, the 62-year-old finally met her real mother, Hilda Berry, and her seven step-siblings for lunch at a pub in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, describing the experience as "all she ever wanted".

    "She came up to me and touched my face and said 'You're beautiful, I'm sorry'," Burriss told the Gloucestershire Echo newspaper.

    "Mum suffers from short-term memory loss but she knew who I was straight away. She went back into her shell after that but she held my hand -- it's all I've ever wanted.

    "It was quite overwhelming, I was so happy I wept."

    Burriss only found out that she was adopted when she was applying for a passport, after her adoptive mother had died.

    Her adoptive father, who told her the news with tears running down his face, said he had been told never to tell her the truth "because adopted children grow up to rebel."

    In addition to her seven children, Hilda also has 33 grandchildren, 54 great-grandchildren and seven great-great-grandchildren.

  2. WOW, how sweet!
  3. Wow.. that is interesting.. thanks for sharing.
  4. Okay am I the only one who got teary? I'm such a friggin baby.
  5. I know of Jewish families just now finding family members alive (whom they thought killed) after all these years.

    Stories like this give me goose-bumps.
  6. I am so glad that she found her mother after so many years had passed. It's nice to hear something good.
  7. Nope, I got teary too... had something simular happen in my own family, when I was reunited with the two brothers I wasn't raised with. Took me 35 years, but I found them. (LONGGG story! Someday I'll tell.)

    Stories like this always make me cry, I know the emotions. Im tickled for the gal.
  8. aww what a sad and happy story! It really is a common misconception that adopted children who know about their adoption are rebellious. I am adopted and yes I am rebellious (lol) but it has NOTHING to do with the adoption! I love my parents as if they were my own and don't see any difference. I'm not angry or sad..I'm happy and thankful that they brought me into their life! I've always wished I could meet my real mom and brother too but don't think I'll ever find them:sad:
  9. Don't ever say never Kneehighz, I thought the same thing when I was looking for my two brothers. Seriously it's a matter of just knowing what search engines to use. If you want some help, PM me and I'll tell you how to go about it. (At least, if your mother and or brother are in the US and you do have some information about them.)

    My biggest fear when I finally found them is how they would take it. They had the same fears, wanting to know what I wanted. But not all ends like this, so I don't want you to feel like it'll be all good. However, with a brother involved, he may be wondering about you too.
  10. That is fantastic. Thanks for sharing this really wonderful read!
  11. For some reason this story really touched me. I just am really happy they could finally meet again.