Mother Of Two Wants Her First Birkin!!!!

  1. So ladies I've been lurking behind my monitor :graucho: :drool: over all the fabulous bags in this forum and have become obsessed with getting a birkin. I feel the dark side taking over, as I convert from LV to Hermes...there...I've said it....MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! :devil:
  2. Welcome!

    Change your avatar and make the conversion permanent!
  3. Welcome to the orange side!
  4. welcome!
    i did the same thing about 6 weeks ago.
  5. Welcome, welcome, welcome!! So, tell us about the Birkin you want... color, leather, etc.:graucho:
  6. Welcome!! Let us know what your dream birkin is.
  7. Woohoo, another H convert! :graucho:
  8. Congratulations on becoming another H fan!! Welcome to the institution :woohoo:!!
  9. I want a 35 in gold clemence with gold hw!
  10. LOVELY! Enjoy your hunt. It is almost as much fun as carrying a Birkin!
  11. I don't have a boutique here, so how can I get my hands on one? Do I have to start a relationship with an SA?
  12. welcome to the fun (and deadly to the pocket) H forum!

  13. Yes. You should have a relationship with an SA somewhere. Over the phone is fine. But they may not ship out bags to you at first until you are established in your Hermes buying habits. We have a list of reputable resellers in the Hermes Shopping Forum and of course if you find something on eBay you can post it in the Authentictate This thread so the ladies here may help you decide. The reseller route may be the fastest and most expensive way to get your hands on your exact needs. SA/Boutique is likelier to take longer.
  14. Thanks gazoo!
  15. Welcome! There's no going back...:smile: