Mother of the bride dresses

  1. So there is this one lady that I've known my whole life and her daughter is getting married soon but she still hasn't found a dress to wear.

    She wants me to look for her and I thought you guys could maybe help me out.

    So if you guys are good searchers post any links (and pictures) of "mother of the bride" dresses that fit these descriptions:

    * It has to come in plus sizes (i think shes a size 22).

    * She likes wild colors and designs (blue preferably).

    * She wants a jacket or at least sleeves.

    * She said it has to have the "wow" factor :p

    So far I've found:

    (comes in other colors)


    (i think this would be nice on her, but its 750 dollars) i think the max she is thinking of paying is $400

    comes in blue

    Thanks for any help :roflmfao:
  2. The Nordstrom dresses look perfect. Depending on her budget you can also check Saks and I believe Escada cuts a larger size...that is what my mother wore.
  3. How tall is she? I love #2 (of course), but if she's on the shorter side the long jacket wouldn't do her any favors. So if she's short, your #3 or either of sailornep5's would be great. If taller, #2 or something similar. Your #1 is pretty but I don't think the ruffles on the skirt would be flattering in a size 22, especially if she's short.

    Have fun!
  4. this one is pretty and has that WOW! factor to me its classy and sexy.

  5. hey, thanks for the help guys
    shes really tall. Like over 5'7 (i think) and shes big, so thats why i think the 2nd one I posted would be the most flattering for her.
    I'll show her everything posted her and I'll let you know what she ends up buying.
  6. So classy and sexy!
  7. I think that also has a section of mother of the bride outfits, they show the brand name and the price range, but you'd probably have to track down where they are sold near you.
  8. I love that blue one from Nordstrom! Very mom-ish yet classy. I think that would flatter a larger size more than the others since it draws your eyes upward.
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    lol advertising much?
  10. My mother's friend wore a chanel suit to her daughters wedding. I know this is out of the budget range but it's classy and chic, you could find something similar to one :smile:
  11. My mom and mother in law both wore Jade dresses by Jasmine.