mother of pearl cream?

  1. has anyone ever tried mother of pearl cream? i have slight scaring on my cheeks from prior acne.. i hear that it helps and is suppose to work pretty quick.. buutttt.. am kinda scared to try it.. any help?
  2. Heeelppp!!
  3. yes! mac has a product called "strobe cream," i believe its around 30 dollars, and i LOVE it! my foundation applies smoother and my face has a glow to it.
  4. does strobe cream have mother of pearl cream in it?
  5. i know there is crushed mother of pearl in the cream (at least that’s what the girl who worked there told me as she was putting it on my face). It certainly appears to have it when you look at the cream, too. i'm not sure there is as much of it in the strobe cream as there is in the other mother of pearl creams you might have seen, though. however, i've definitely seen a change in my complexion since i've been using it. it can get kind of expensive if you use it everyday like i do, but my skin has a lovely glow when i use it so i'm addicted now! :P

    Maybe stop by the counter sometime and ask a little more about it? I just tried googling some information about it but came up with very little info about what's actually in it.