Mother kept girls locked away from the world for seven years

  1. this is just too sad. :cursing:
  2. oh God! how sad!! poor girls!

    there are some sick people in this world
  3. How sad! Those poor girls! And their poor twisted mother! What a world!
  4. this is such a horrible story. it is so sad that this happened to these girls.
  5. That makes me livid!! She will only get 5 MONTHS TO 5 YEARS????? and yet that poor kid who recieved a BJ from that girl will get 10 years??!?!? The system is seriously screwed up, and the people that give these sentences should be ashamed of themselves!!! They should be thrown in jail in my opinion. That mother does not deserve any breaks whatsoever. Those poor girls! She's messed them up for life.
  6. how unspeakably horrible - it's a travesty that the Austrian authorities did not take the father's and neighbors' pleas more seriously. if they had acted with more care, then perhaps these girls could have been saved sooner, therefore increasing their odds of recovery.
  7. ITA:crybaby:
  8. Oh my Lord, "communicating in their own language..." How sad. I can't believe the father is a JUDGE and couldn't even do anything to see his own children. I agree with amanda, I can't believe nobody took the neighbor's and the father's reports seriously. How heartbreaking!!
  9. I totally agree... just despicable.
  10. What I want to know is why the father didn't go and break the door down looking for his children these last 7 years! how horrific-I can't imagine:crybaby:
  11. this is absolutely terrible. :crybaby:
  12. why do some people bother even having children and then there are some people that would make the most fantastic parents and who long for children and can't have them. Life is just som unfair sometimes.
  13. Sad. Was the mother so isolated that no-one ever knew or cared? Did they not have any friends or relatives who thought anything was unusual?

    I blame the fact that modern society sometimes lets people be so isolated that things like this are allowed to happen. It makes me ask how, in this country, did a pizza parlour manager abduct a 11 year old child and keep him for four years with no-one knowing?

    Sometimes there is much to be said for neighbourliness or just being aware of one's neighbours and what they do. When I moved to the US my mother started living alone for the first time in many years. She bacame increasingly afraid to leave the house and she had a breakdown. If it wasn't for her neighbours who noted that she was not behaving like her usual self she would probably have become very seriously ill.

    Nosy neighbours do come in useful sometimes!
  14. That is a horrible story. I hope that the girls will somehow recover.