Mother jailed for 5 years for sending son to wrong school

  1. The article is poorly written and seems very misleading. I feel like they purposely left out important facts. Don't be so quick to hop on the judgment train until we hear more sides...
  2. Reading this story and being from Australia, it seems so crazy. Our schools don't work like that, you can send your child to ANY school you want, especially the public schools. Private schools have different criteria but anyone can apply to any public schools.
  3. doesn't the state give each school an amount of money per child? so she didn't really steal anything...she just lied about residence.

    i know at least 10 kids that don't live in our boundaries, but somehow their parents got them enrolled in our district. the teachers look the other way.
  4. maybe now he can legally use the babysitter's address.
  5. in a lot of smaller communities you can do open enrollment to have your child attend a school where you currently don't live in the district.

    around here, there's a suburb that has grown a lot so they are now building a 2nd high school. i'm not sure where the lines are drawn but there are people that are so tied to the original school that they are actually moving to different parts of town so that they will not have to send their child to the new school.
  6. Although not necessarily related to this exact issue, I would think it would also come down to taxes. No one wants to pay exorbitant taxes to live in a great school district and then find out that other students are able to live in areas with much cheaper taxes and still attend that school. Those children would be reaping the benefits of an education from a school district where more money is available due to higher taxes without their parents actually having to pay those taxes. Not saying that's right or wrong, but I can see why people who live in a certain school district and pay lots of money to live there don't want their tax dollars being expended on children who don't pay anything into that school district.
  7. This is pure BS. I don't understand why she would have to use her last known address if she is no longer living there. She is homeless! I live in Bridgeport and I can't say I blame the mother. The public school system here is a disgrace. My son is enrolled in a private and school and I pray every day that God continues to bless me enough to be able to afford it all the way through high school.
  8. I think most of that is for the drug charges, the article seemed to hype up the school thing for more readers. I live in upstate NY and all the schools around here you have to attend your district (and bring proof where you live). If you want to attend another school then you can BUT you have to pay to go there (still talking about public schools) and get your own rides.
  9. That's actually pretty despicable. This snobby school thinks they're too good for a little boy who does not live in their neighbourhood or maybe because his mother is homeless. That's what this article says to me. I understand that they might have done this to deter others from doing the same thing, but 5 years is overly dramatic. Pedophiles sometimes get less than that!
  10. I kinda wonder if this is a case where it was really about the drug dealing and the prosecutors wanted to get her on as many charges as possible to make her serve as much time as possible.
  11. I definitely know some schools are very protective about who gets to attend, especially since these schools can be quite full. In my area, some people move just so their kids can go to the school with higher API/test scores or better college admission rates. Because public schools are partly funded by local property taxes, schools in higher income areas do receive better funding!

    I know one school in the city next to my hometown hired detectives to find out which students were using relatives or friends' addresses to enroll. They may even follow students home to see if they live within the district. I have also heard in one story that they knocked on students' door on Saturday morning just to check! It all seems quite crazy; but I definitely believe the charges against this mother seem too extreme. My experience is in Calfornia, and I do not know how it is for other states.