Mother Goose's LV Collection

  1. i finally got around to taking photos of my mum's little LV collection to share. so here they are....


  2. Beautiful collection and lovely shoes, your mum has great taste! And the black suhali lockit is tdf!!!
  3. that is not Little Collection at all! Love the Nomade Alma, patina~, black Damier/Mini lin(?) flats, and what is the one w/purple trim on the right call?
  4. LOL I just love the title of your thread. :love:

    Great shoes! We know where you get your great taste from ;)

    Did your mom speed up the patina process on that Baggy PM, it's so amazingly even.
  5. Gorgeous collection!! Major droolage!
  6. Little? haha I love that collection :smile: It's cute!
  7. oh my you and you'r mom rock:rochard:
  8. thanks all!

    we season all our vachetta trims with a little olive oil and she also sunned it out in the covered deck one humid afternoon.

    the Nomade Alma is her #1 fave; it's black Mini Mono TST flats; it's a Sac De Nuit with purple ostrich trim ;)
  9. nice! I love your thread's name! you're so creative :biggrin:
  10. Does the olive oil make the vachetta more resistant to water stains? Does the smell linger for a brief time?

    Her collection is fabulous! :yahoo: Thanks for sharing.
  11. What a fabulous collection! I love it!
  12. That my friend is not little! I love your mom's collection! She has great taste!
  13. Lovely:heart:
  14. Everything is great. I remember that suhali lockit when you bought it for your mum.
  15. we use only the best extra virgin Italian olive oil and sparingly. no scent nor oily residue plus the leather does become quite waterproof. but do tread with caution... i am not to be held responsible for any mishap ;)