Mother Goose's little LV loot

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  1. my parents are in the States at the moment for a conference in the east coast and visiting rellies in the west. i was totally surprised to get a text from my mum at 5am today with this photo:

    yep, that's her. she'll kill me if she finds out i showed someone else her photo :sweatdrop: but im just too excited. she just got the last one in the 5th Ave boutique. i never really talked about it with her. i didn't think it would be something she'd like. but im very pleased she did. what i actually told her was to buy the Sunset Blvd in amarante. i sent her pics and she absolutely loved it. unfortunately they didn't have one, but the SA offered to mail it to her wherever. im surprised they would actually do that. she also got these at Union Square SF a couple of weeks back:

    she told me it was LVoe at first sight.
  2. ur mom has great taste!!
  3. Your mom looks GREAT!!!!

    Congrat DD's mom! :tup:
  4. Tell your mom Congrats! lol.
    I want those flats too :p
  5. Wow, you are one stylish family!
  6. :nuts: Mama goose looks HOTTT! LVoe those shoes :love: Thanks for sharing DD.
  7. wow! wish my mom shared my love for designer bags....

    is she getting you anything???
  8. Congrats to your Mom. Gorgeous bag and equally gorgeous shoes. :yes:
  9. You Have The Coolest Mom:d Be Verry Proud And Congrats...
    Btw I Got My Sacochee From 5ave Also It Was The Last One Too Lol...
  10. so that's where you got your stylish genes from, mr. duck :smile:

    the cirrus looks amazing on her!!!
  11. What a lovely set those lvoe shoes and the cirrus bag make!:nuts:
    Your mum looks great.
  12. Congrats to your fab mom - she rocks that bag! And congrats to you, you must be very proud to have such a stylish mother! :yes:
  13. Ooooo, so pretty!!! Those shoes...:drool:

    Your mom is soooooo stylish!!!!!!!:tender:
  14. Your mother is uber chic ......that is where you got your fab taste from;)
  15. :tup: for your mum :biggrin: hehe do post the Sunset Blvd in amarante when she receive it :love: