Mother Finds Intruder In Daughter's Bedroom

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  1. OMG, can you even imagine!?!?!?


    updated 1 hour, 40 minutes ago

    DALLAS - Dallas police stepped up patrols in a Dallas neighborhood after a mother found an intruder in her 8-year-old daughter's bedroom.
    Avonda Harris said a man sneaked in her home on Harvest Hill Road on Tuesday morning.
    "I pushed the door a little bit more, flicked on the lights, and a person was right there kneeled down on her bed," she said.

    Investigators said they believe Harris' daughter may be the second 8-year-old girl the man has gone after. The man's description is almost identical to that of a man who tried to kidnap another 8-year-old who was on her way home from school.

    She found the man when she opened the door of her daughter's bedroom.
    "The first thing I could do was just scream so loud," Harris said.

    Video: Man Breaks Into Girl?s Bedroom
    The man then darted out a bedroom window. Dallas police said they believe the man got into the house through a window, but they do not know how long he was in the girl's room.
    "It is obvious that he came in for the purpose of trying to do harm to the child," Senior Cpl. Janice Crowther said.
    Police said they do not believe the man sexually assaulted the girl.
    The child said he touched her on her chest and legs.
    "He said that he loves me," she said.
    Harris said the incident left her in complete shock.
    "Oh, my God, I just can't believe it," she said.
    Police said the intruder incident and the attempted kidnapping were enough to step up patrols in the area.
  2. That' horrible. Here there was a man in the news that came into a girls bedroom through the window apparently in his sleep. He went into her bed and slept there untill she awoke and called the police if my memory serves me right. It's beyond creepy these things happen.
  3. if that was my house and I found him near my daughter I would have had a bat and bashed his head in!! pervert!!
  4. How scary. It's a good thing the Mom got there in time and prevented anything else from happening. I hope they find the creep!
  5. So scary!! I'm always paranoid about locking all of my windows and doors!
  6. Thats really scary! Thank God she came in the room when she did. Timing is everything!
  7. One thing that amazes me is how people leave their windows and doors open. I know so many people who do this. It is almost like giving someone the opportunity to break in your home the easy way.
  8. How terrifying!!!
  9. ITA!
  10. omg! I think I would have been in such a state of shock. So glad the mom went into the room before anything worse could happen.
  11. I just got the chilllls! I"m glad the mom came in before it was too late!
  12. OMG if I found someone in my daughters bedroom he would not have gotten out alive....the girl is so lucky that her mum came in when she did, what could have happened is too scary to even think about.
  13. :yes::yes:ITA!!
  14. Thank god the child is safe!
  15. Oh my god! People who prey on children are the lowest of the low. My good gf prosecutes a lot of these types of crimes and they are just chilling. I agree with ppl not locking doors and windows, but I know sometimes when I was younger I would open mine at night just to listen to the sounds of nature. I know that momma will be hugginging her baby tonight!

    Swanky, was that anywhere near your area??