Mother Dies, Father Raises Newborn Triplets Alone

  1. Tucson mother passes away, leaves husband and newborn triplets

    During this holiday season, a Tucson father has three reasons to celebrate. Andrue Smith's wife recently gave birth to triplet boys.
    But tragically, his wife died after the babies were born.
    Andrue is now struggling to cope with the loss of his wife and raising the babies on his own.
    They're daddy's little boys. Legend, Tristian and Jaisyn were born six weeks premature, a week ago today.
    "All I wanted was a son," he told us.
    You can see the love in Andrue's eyes. Love, and sorrow, because his wife Debbie will never see her babies.
    Andrue says, out of the blue, his wife got deathly ill. Doctors saved the boys, but couldn't save her.
    "My wife's heart had stopped beating. Her body suffered and her brain suffered... It's not the kind of thing people will recover from."
    So Andrue made the difficult decision to discontinue life support.
    "It's going to be hard, very hard. I can't imagine a life without her."
    Numb, this 28 year old single father of three is trying.
    "My wife, I know she'd expect me to be strong and she'd want me to take care of those kids."
    Andrew has a full-time construction job, but questions whether he earns enough to afford childcare. And if he quits his job, how will he pay his mortgage?
    "Absolutely anything anybody can help out with or contribute, I'd be very happy to accept anything. I've got my babies, my three boys to worry about, and that's what's keeping me strong."
    Andrew calls them daddy's little army.
  2. Ok that is just heart breaking beyond anything.
  3. Saw this on the news, just heartbreaking!
  4. That really is heart breaking:sad:
  5. this is so heartbreaking :cry:
  6. :cry: Bless him.
  7. The silver lining is that with media attention drawn to his case, he'll now get more offers of help. Or one would hope.
    How tragic to have to deal with his wifes passing at what should be such a joyous time in his life. :sad:
  8. that poor man, my condolences!! but he has healthy baby boys and he can do his best in molding them into responsible and able minded men
  9. That's really sad, I couldn't imagine!! But uhm, Legend? really?:s
  10. Heartbreaking...
  11. that is so sad. I hope he'll get married again, so there's a mother figure to take care of those boys.
  12. :cry: My heart hurts for him.
  13. i saw him on CNN and he just looked awful!!!
    i feel so bad for him...and the babies too.
    God bless him.
  14. That's really sad. I hope for the best, I know a lot of people will pull through for him and the kids. God Bless them all.
  15. Gosh, I am almost in tears, this is so so sad...geez