Mother-Daughter LV Shopping Trip!!!!

  1. I've been fairly busys studying for my exam (it's less than a week away), but I had to share my LV excitement with y'all!:yahoo:

    So a few months ago I convinced my mom to go halves with me on my very first LV (to be a mono or damier speedy...but I'm leaning towards the mono).

    My mom agreed it was time I got a nice high-end bag and said she would.....although, truth be told, I think it'll end up being totally a gift from my parents. yay!

    SOOOO...about 3 weeks ago I'm talking to my mom on the phone and she says "You know what? I'm thinking of getting an LV purse too....I'm getting old, I've worked hard in my life, and I haven't even gotten an LV yet!"

    In later phone conversations she then proceeded to tell me how she would rather buy baby clothes for me and my brother than purchase a new dress for herself...which is so mother-like! (btw, we're not super rich, but upper middle class perhaps - so she could have purchased an LV a while ago, but just never got around to it)

    Anywho, I was in Toronto a few weeks ago scoping out a purse for my mom and decided on the popincourt haut - since she needs a zippered shoulder bag, and the popincourt just has a bit of fun, modern, kick while still being age appropriate for my mom.

    So in a few weeks my mom and I will be heading to the LV store together to pick up both of our first LV's!!!!:yahoo: Sorry it's not as great as saying we've actually already went and describing the experience but I'll definitely post after we go!

    Has anyone else had a fun mother-daughter LV splurge they'd like to share?:tup:
  2. When I bought my mono speedy, my mom was on the phone with me cruising ELux at the same time looking at bags. She lives in another state, so this was as close we could get to Mother/Daughter LV Shopping.

    Mom is a Brighton fan so I am looking at converting her . . . hehehehe

    That sounds like an amazing day of fun for you and your mom!
  3. Aw sounds like it's going to be a great shopping trip!
    Yea me and my mom went to LV to get me something and i ended up getting a Pomme pochette wallet and my mom got a black Epi pont-neuf!
    Have fun!
  4. How awesome sounds like so much fun. Post pics of what you guys get.
  5. Oh that's amazing! I hope you have a lot of fun!

    I haven't even TOLD my mother I'm going to buy an LV, she totally does not understand.
  6. How nice!! Congrats!
  7. My Mom and I are really close. We love to shop together too!
  8. Im so jealous imagining you guys shopping for LV with your moms! Me and my mom 1- Arent very close & 2- She would never understand the $$ spent on LV...shes the type who would rather have 7 100$ bags than 1 at 700$, KWIM? So, ill be doing it with friends/bf for now hehe but lucky gals who can share LV shopping with your moms:smile:
  9. How cool!! :biggrin:
  10. I wish I had a close relationship of loving LV with one of my family members!!! :crybaby:

    Congrats to you!
  11. Congrats! I am soooo excited for you! My daughter is 22 and we go mother and daughter purse shopping all the time. Often we are just browsing but I have bought her a couple of purses and she often just borrows mine. Of course we can't just shop we also have to do lunch. :tup:
  12. this sounds like so much fun! i wish i could have a trip to lv with my mom! (she lives on the east coast)
  13. This is so cool. I wish I could share it with my mom or at least a friend. No one understands my love for lv (well except dh)..............
  14. I'm sorry John!

    To the original Poster: I hope you and your mom have an amazing time! You both deserve it.

    I've been raised in a very fashion-consious home and fashion is key.
  15. My Mom is the coolest. She loves LV too, and is even a tPF member too....and she's a senior citizen! We took a mother/daughter (me)/grand-daughter (my 14 yr old daughter) trip to Vegas a couple of weeks ago. We had a ball shopping all the LV boutiques.