Mother-Daughter LV Shopping Results!!!! *PICS*

  1. I'm so excited - 1/2 the fun of having a new bag is posting it on tpf and sharing it with your best bag buds! *girly squeal!*, once upon a time (3 months ago) I had a budget....a budget of $600ish to split the cost of a purse with my parents. Fast forward to Sunday - my mom decided she hated Damier - I know, I know... - and she hated the speedy with a passion - I KNOW!

    So when we headed to the LV on Bloor I was a lil nervous because my mom pretty much said she would pay for the entire cost of the purse - yet she didn't like what I was going to get! When we got there we settled her purchase first - it was fairly easy because she figured she wanted a popincourt (or in her words - "the triangle one":rolleyes:) and after a bit of deliberation she ended up with the popincourt haut - which I think is a really sweet and elegant piece. It tore me apart though when she was like "I'll settle on this one." I said "MOM! You can't just SETTLE on a Louis Vuitton have to LOVE it!"

    Anywho...that was my mom - there's pics of both me and her modelling it.

    Next it was on to me...after looking at the mono and damier speedys, my mom was giving me the "heeeeeeell no" kinda look, and asked if there was another one that I liked. I had tried on the trevi pm a few days earlier, just for fun, and decided to try it on just to show her.................she ended up LOVING it! Although she wasn't a fan of damier, she loved the purse, and when the SA told us the price she didn't even blink at the fact it was about 2.5x more expensive than the speedy.

    Then she asked me what my 2nd choice would be...and really I couldn't pick anything else. I do enjoy the neo cabby in black, but I didn't even consider purchasing it with her since she would be dead against buying denim.

    Sooooo, we both ended up purchasing our first LV pieces! We had an excellent experience with my most favourite SA, so without further ado, here are a few modelling pictures - PH first and then trevi. btw - excuse the mess, i'm just moving into a new place.

    P.S. Don't worry - I know that I'm one lucky gal to have a mom that doesn't care about price and a dad that knew better than to ask us how much we paid - hahaha!:okay:
    Mom PH.JPG Tiff PH Front.JPG Tiff PH Side.JPG
  2. Wow --- you have a cool and generous mom!! Congratulations to both of you on getting your new LV bags!!
  3. Cute story, nice bag!!!!!! It looks great on you. :smile:
  4. Congrats! Who got which bag? Mom - PH, you - trevi? or are u 2 sharing?
  5. gorgeous bags! congrats!
  6. wow lucky you! congrats!
  7. Ohhhhh lovely choice and cute pic....awwww i love mother and daughter LV shopping..:tup:
  8. Congrats!!!!
  9. And here are the ones of me and the trevi....excuse the paul frank slippers that made it into the last pic - hehe...
    Tiff Trevi 1-.JPG Tiff Trevi 3-.JPG Tiff Trevi 5-.JPG
  10. Very cute story...congrats to you and your mom on your new bags!
  11. Thanks everyone!

    Technically the PH is my mom's and the trevi's mine...I told her she could borrow the trevi whenever she wanted (although we live about 3 hrs away) but she said that as much as she liked how it looked, she wouldn't borrow it. And I told her "welp...regardless, i'll be borrowing YOURS!!!" :angel:

    But I really do think that the trevi looks great for all age ranges. We had lunch with a distant relative who's 89, and she looked stunning holding the here's to hoping the bag holds up for another 70 years so I can rock it when I'm struttin' in my retirement home! Amen!
  12. Great story and bags. Thanks for sharing!
  13. fun story! and congrats on the trevi! its such a hot bag!
  14. It sounds like you had so much fun! Congratulations on your new bags.
  15. Congrats!