Mother and her LV!

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  1. So my mom was on her way to an event with my dad. He suggested my mom's Chanel patent tote in black and I said NO! I went upstairs to her closet and pulled out the LVoe of my/her life! (haha for now) the DE 35 I gifted. The excuse I gave my parents (so the Chanel can stay and LV can go out!) was that the bag needed to breathe! ( I believe I showed this bag when I got it hot stamped with her initials in another thread?) but still! I thought both looked gorgeous:heart:
  2. Lovely :smile: she wears it so well!
  3. Looks great on her!
  4. Beautiful!!
  5. She looks great!
  6. Gorgeous- both bag and mom!

  7. Ohhhh she's sooo stylie!
  8. Looks great on her :smile:
  9. Honestly, these bags are so beautiful they wear us and you're mom looks fabulous. Beautiful match. :smile:
  10. Gorgeous
  11. Very elegant!
  12. She looks lovely! Looks great on her! :smile:
  13. so classy!
  14. Very beautiful :smile:
  15. Fabulous!! This proves how timeless LV is...makes us ALL look gorgeous no matter our age. :queen: