Mother and Daughter love Carly

  1. Coach is classic and Carly is loved by all:heart:
    My 17 year old daughter and I differ a bit in our fashion choices, but we both agree on Carly.:yes:
    Can you guess which belongs to Mom and which belongs to daughter?
    Hehe. Not a tough guess.
    Even the family cat loves Coach.:p
  2. Very cute!!I would guess the black one is daughter??? the skull charm.
  3. There are two black bags there...

    I'm guessing the one with the skull is your daughter's :yes:
  4. LOL you're right!!How did I mis that??? I guess the skull one is your daughter's!
  5. Awww... That not only makes me want a Carly, It makes me want a daughter! I have 2 boys (well 3 if you count the husband, lol) and I feel so outnumbered sometimes. Thats really sweet you can share in your love of handbags. :smile:
  6. Beautiful bags and cat! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Those bags are lovely!!! I guess mother and daughter think alike. Love those charms as well....
  8. How sweet and I love the charms. I am thinking yours is the one with the flower charm?
  9. As an aside, I just got the Carly that StinkyMonkey and her daughter have, and I looove's the perfect size!

    Well, were we right? Is the skull one your daughter's?
  10. Congrats, Stacmck, on your Carly. And yes, the skull charm is on my daughters bag and I, mom, have the sig daisy and scarf on mine:yes: