Mothballs curse

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  1. Well, it's my turn - I've been hit by the curse:crybaby:
    I actually smelled it thru the box at the PO :wtf: and I knew it :yucky:

    At least it's a Petite Black Epi Noe in great condition and the good thing it's that I did not paid extra $$ for customs (maybe the smell scared them:roflmfao: )

    I'm off to work on Pepe Le Pheow who's waiting outside :yucky: - I'll even try to put the Lampe Bergere inside:yes:
    Thanks for letting me vent:s
  2. Awww! So sorry! I hope the smell gets out...
  3. Oh no- I feel for you.. good luck and let us know how it turned out..
  4. haha. this is going to sound wierd. but what are mothballs???
  5. it,s not weird -I'm to lazy to explain it so here it goes from Wikipedia

    Mothballs are small balls of chemical pesticide and deodorant used when storing clothing and other articles susceptible to damage from mold or moth larvae. Older mothballs consisted primarily of naphthalene, but due to naphthalene's flammability, modern mothballs use 1,4-dichlorobenzene instead. Both of these ingredients have a strong, pungent odor often associated strongly with mothballs.
  6. They're the white balls you put in your dresser so that bugs don't chew up your clothing (i.e., moths!). They also disintigrate over time; I think there are other alternatives to moth balls that don't stink...
  7. is it from HK? every bag I've bought from there has a mothball smell. but luckily it's faint.
  8. Honestly, I've never received an international purchase that had a mothball smell...but there were items that smelled musty...:yucky:
  9. Good luck with the cleansing - let us know how it turns out. Crossing my fingers for you...
  10. Yeah, Sharona from HK - I knew about the problem with the bags from HK but I was just hoping that I won't get a smelly one :crybaby:
  11. WIERD...
  12. Thanks everybody for your support - I'll try and start with paper, turning it inside out, let in in the air etc.etc...I know everything it's just that I wanted to take it out tomorrow and I can'tttttttt GRRRRRR
  13. How about returning it? What is the seller's return policy?
  14. I go on that hope too when buying from HK. Thankfully mine didn't smell. There is a thread somewhere with various methods you can try to get the smell out...I'll try to find it for you.
  15. The bag is in great shape and I'm sure that I will be able to get the smell out (can you tell that I'm a positive girl ;) ) I always wanted a little Black Noe and I don't want to hunt another one down.