MothBall Smell???

  1. I found a White Flap Patent Chanel. :drool: It's sooooooo nice!! The guy is a reputible seller. I heard some tPFers have purchased from him. He mentions a mothball smell. I have never heard of this. Has anyone?? Also,can you get rid of the smell?? It's SUPER-NICE :heart:. I may have to wait for the next one. :sad::girlsigh:Please help :smile:
  2. Since I dont know, here's a BUMP...
  3. I think you can air it out and put baking soda next to the bag for a few days? Some of my clothes have that smell due to the mothballs in my wardrobe and they go away after a wash or if its been aired out for awhile. If its at a good price, I say get it!
  4. Let-trade talks about the moth ball sell if that is the seller. I bought a Goyard from them and didn't have any trouble--no smelly bag. LOL
  5. I bought a bag from eBay and the seller did NOT tell me about the mothball smell. I was so bummed. The bag was a good price, I should take a picture and show you all (it's a rose metallic color, very pretty).

    Anyways, I would love to know how to get rid of the smell. There was another thread to this point and someone suggested using the fabric softener sheets and storing them with the bag? I'm going to give that a try...hopefully it works!
  6. It's the smell that comes from a bag being stored with mothballs. Not a very pleasant smell. I find it as difficult to get rid off as a bag that smells of cigarette smoke (bought one off eBay once - had to resell). There is one thread on here though about how to get rid of smells (may have been in the LV forum).

    Things that have worked for me - wiping the bag with warm water and vinegar (if your bag is made of finished leather and the smell is stuck to the bag); placing a pack of baking soda in the bag (I had mine in Ziploc with the top open) and letting it sit at the very least overnight.

    There are a lot of gel odor absorbers available now (ones that are supposed to act like or contain charcoal) - I wonder if they will work as well.

    I am really picky about the "smell" of my bag though. I know it's strange but sometimes even when the musty smell is gone, I can still feel it...(my mom has a closet full of vintage bags and the smell is my usual deterrent)