Mothball Smell on Gucci Wallet!!!

  1. I just received a Gucci Continental D-ring wallet I bought through eBay today and it arrived with the worst smell of, what I'm assuming to be, mothballs.

    I've read all the threads in the LV - removing smells threads and learned a lot about what to do but all those threads relate to purses and allows cat litter to simply sit in the purse in a ziplock bag. But I have this mothball problem with my wallet and am wondering what the best way to cleanse this smell is.

    Any ideas???
  2. I would still do the catlitter thing and put the wallet in a tub sitting on catlitter and close the tub for a week or so. There is also these carbon things you can put with it to remove odor. I have read they sell them at walmart

  3. Sorry I can´t help you with the smell.

    I am thinking about if this is a real Gucci ?
  4. So sorry to hear about the mothball scent. Wouldnt know what to do either. And like queen, i question the authenticity. Its so hard buying authentic products from fleabay nowaday
  5. I just got an LV off Let-Trade which is all authentic and they all apparently have that smell! I don't know how that happens... either your eBay seller bought it from them or they just developed it.
    But yeah make sure it's authentic! Mothball smell doesn't automatically mean fake but any time something smells weird it definitely can reflect on the materials made (like meaning it's fake) so... definitely check that out anyway.

    I think it goes away over time, though. I wouldn't be too discouraged. It goes away...