Motavation on big projects!

  1. LOL, I am like a little kid...when I have a big project or chore, I tend to keep putting off, or get bored and distracted while working on it.

    So, just like a little kid, I set a timer for myself and work for 15 minutes, then I get a 15 minute break, then back...until it's done.

    Anyone else have good 'tricks' for not getting overwhelmed?
  2. I get that way too sometimes and do whatever I can to make the work fun.

    cleaning the shower...I use those scrubbing bubbles and write silly words on the tile with it before I clean

    paying bills...turn on the computer, crank up the itunes or light a scented candle

    spreadsheets/notes/work related stuff: I color code things so the data looks 'happy' (but not unprofessional).

    cleaning out closets/drawers: crank the tunes!
  3. LOL..Im a HUGE procrastinator when it comes to any kind of domestic chore..LMAO..Cleaning is the worst...heehee

    And yes..Im the loony that cranks the tunes and sings and dances as she cleans....rofl!
  4. Domestic chores...I'll set a timer and see what I can get done in a whirlwind of time. It's stupid, but it works and then...I'm no time at all!
    My problem...I have a computer job that I can do at 'anytime', but typically gets done after I put the kids to bed. Since I discovered the pf, I will procrastinate here on line as opposed to doing my job...which is getting me to bed verrrrry late and making me cranky and my husband annoyed. Lacking some self-discipline, it appears...
  5. I wish i did, we are moving in a few weeks and I have to paint one room and pack the house up...YUK! I have no motivation whatsoever!!!
  6. You can see how hard I am working
  7. when i'm having a big project, i would buy little things like new note books or a "nice" agenda that i'll use to write notes on that project.
    sure, the enthusiasm is there, until i realize i just spent my money from that project for the things i bought for the project :roflmfao:
  8. ^^^I am am big notes, list, etc organizer, I always think if I find the 'right' notebook, planner, scheduler, etc it will actually make me

    Still looking ;)
  9. if you don't reward yourself you get even less accomplished I'm with you 100% that you have to give yourself a break and know that as long as what needs to get done gets done and is done before it has to be submitted your fine
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. I put it off until the last possible minute then stay up all night :rolleyes:.
  12. yep..we are all so look at the number of posts we have made in the PF..HEEHEE..EEK!
  13. Lol I hate procrastinating. I just think of what will happen if I DON'T get the things done that I need to and that's enough incentive for me to finish lol.
  14. when i was in college and studying for my finals i used to decide that i HAD to suddenly clean my room or bake brownies.

    And then i'd realize i just wasted hours and that gets me panicky and then i just crank through it =P

    Nowadays i section up my tasks into small bits and a) write a list and b) reward myself after a few small completed bits.

    Seeing the items checked off on the list makes me feel like i'm making progress.

    rewards always makes things easier to get done!

    I also start off doing the least painful item first so i can convince myself to continue doing the rest.... sometimes i wonder if i'm crazy because i have to play mind games with myself to get chores done. =P

    i hate laundry the most. it takes up way too much time...
  15. I, the ultimate procrastinating tool ;)