"Motard" released?

  1. Today I went to an area in Dubai called Karama. I took my son there as they have many shops selling soccer gear and other sports stuff. The area is also known for its many "attic" shops selling fake handbags, watches and sunglasses.

    I was carrying my new black neo cabby GM and was continuously pestered by vendors begging me to come and see their LV collections because mine was surely a fake :wtf::wtf:. (I guess they don't know about the new black denim).

    Anyway I got a little curious as I have never seen what they actually sell so I decided to go along with it pretending I was carrying a fake and was perhaps interested to get a new LV.:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I was whisked away to a shop that had a small secret staircase that led up to the attic where there was the tiniest door I've ever seen. I could hardly get through it! Inside there was the most horrendous collection of fake LVs. I was completely shocked and appalled at just how bad they looked.

    But you're not gonna believe this - they already had the mirage and motard collection!!!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts:

    Girls, if the original LV mirage and motard collection in any way even remotely resembles this you are gonna be so upset. They were truly horrendous.

    I was really contemplating sneaking some photos for you to see but I was almost fearing my life. The place was so creepy so my cellphone stayed in my bag. I made a very quick exit with my son.

    The authorities here are aware of fakes being sold and they are "trying" to crackdown on the sellers. I think there must be around 100 fake LV/Gucci/Balenciaga/Fendi/etc/etc vendors in that area alone.

    The area was packed with European tourists and they were all going banans over all the "wonderful" bags. I hope they all get confiscated in customs upon their return.
  2. Oh my.
  3. Wow. I would have been scared! LOL

    That's so crazy that they already have those models faked!

    Just crazy!

    How do they get the pictures/details when WE don't even really know what the details are on them?
  4. Scary...glad you made it out ok...
  5. It sounds like walking Canal Street in NYC!
  7. Hideous how fast they are coming out with fakes of the new collections.
  9. Insiders at LV get paid big money to tell. And they do.
  10. I guess that's why the copies were horrible. They probably just got the details off some small photos!
  12. scary experience, glad you made it out, good thing your son didnt get scared
  13. That's why they were so ugly. The real thing is much better. Please see the spy pics that Vuittonamour posted. You'll feel much better.
  14. Dont take offense to this but you are INSANE for going somewhere like that with your child!!! Be careful! Isolated places are no places for woman and children! Glad you got "out" ok!
  15. OMG, that is crazy!