Motard Biker Owners...

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  1. How is this bag holding up? Have you had any problems with it so far? Is the weight of the bag manageable? I love the look of this bag but am a bit worried about how the bag will keep in the long run. Is it worth the price that you paid for? What do you think?
  2. Love mine looking great she can get a little heavy
    I only have a a couple tiny complaints:-
    the side pockets have press studs and when your rummaging around in there they often pop open they can be a little hard to close and once you get the techinique it's ok, if you leave them open the bag looks flat and not as hot
    2) when not in use if you set the bag down because it is smooshy and the hardwear is heavy it kinda squashes itself this makes the leather tabs from the handles curl so far nothing long term but now I lay it on one side it make sure this is doesn't happen (does that make sense?)

    overall I don't think those 2 tiny things are really a problem but I mention incase it would bug some people

    the biker is very spacious and secure. I think she's going to age beautifully
  3. Go Aulii GOOOOO!!!! LOL
  4. This bag is so hot! I love it! It can get heavy, but it doesn't bother me...I have other bags that are quite heavy too! I sat get it because its such a beauty! I loved the frame top, thats why I bought it!
  5. Label Addict: I usually stuff the bag back with the original stuffing, then put it in the dustbag and then in the box (standing upright) Before I used to close the top of the box but then I would have to fold the handles over top of each other and I didn't want the handles to start wrinking so now I leave the top of the box open so the handles stand upright too. What I have noticed is that where the leather tabs are on the bag, there is now some light creasing, this must be from the weight of the bag, do you know how I can avoid this? Does your bag do this as well? So do you just lay the bag on the side? Do you stuff the bag with the original stuffing still? Also, it wouldn't fit in the box, if it was lying on the side? Please let me know how you store this bag...that wrinking is bothering me...

    Ohh and i'm wondering do you usually use the snap buttons to connect the 2 sides of the bag to the middle compartment? Because i usually just leave it open, even in storage (Do you think this has anything to do with the wrinkling as well?)

    BTW- I haven't had the problem with the press studs!

    Also does anyone else have suggestions on how to store this bag?
  6. I keep the snap buttons (press studs) closed I don't think it'll make any difference if they are open or not it's the shape of the bag that makes the tabs wrinkle

    At the minute she's lying on her side on top a box it's not ideal but I'm out of storage space where my bags are and I really don't want to damage it by having some many bags in one place I need to find a better solution
  7. aulii i'm getting excited for you already :yes:
    Motard Biker is 'major' lol. headturner for sure.
  8. Except for the extreme heaviness, I have no probs with mine.

    The side studs do not snap open spontaneously on its own for me, and if it does, I think it's because they've been opened rendering the leather closure around it loose and unable to hold the tabs closed. I've never opened the side tabs before and when one of my SA wanted to do it to show me something, she was struggling to tear it open cuz its very "hard", so I told her forget (hey don't destroy my bag!).

    The lambskin is doing well. I know it's fragile so I make sure to wear a "smooth" jacket during the winter so that it won't get scraped.

    Oh, one thing that does bother me are the end-stitches near the handles, like where they cut the thread. Here, the ends are very sharp and have a prominent protrusion. Originally, I thought that this was part of the glazing that got roughed out near the edges, so I gently tried to scrape it off with my fingernails (I do this for EVERY bag), but the stitching completely came loose and was hanging off by 1 inch... So I took it back to LV and had them exchange it for me. Now with the second Biker, I dare not touch those rough/sharp ends in fear of the handles disintegrating lol!
  9. Thanks so much for your replies!