motard biker lovers?

  1. I'm debating about getting the black/black motard biker bag.... what are your thoughts on it?

    Would I be better off getting a le fab in black? Or a le fab in ivory AND a black motard (down the road)? I've located an ivory le fab for a great way below retail price, and a black motard for full price, but the two of them together is an OK deal when compared to the full price of a black le fab.

    My only other LVs are an anthracite Nimbus GM and a sergent PM.

    I'd love some advice... I'm new to LV!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Personally I would buy the Black Motard! It is TDF! I saw it IRL and I fell in LoVe! :love:
  3. Definitely the black Motard Biker :heart:! it's LE, whereas le fab's always around...

    besides I don't like le fab... and if I did, I'd go for BLACK as well (I only like white Suhali on the Lockit)
  4. I just got a brown Motard Biker, it is being shipped and should arrive this weekend. I adore this bag, so stunning IRL. When I saw it and tried it on, it was just drool worthy. I like the softness of it compard to the structure of the Le Fab. I love the Le Fab, but I wanted to go for the Motard Biker instead, something about it is just so special! I think you should go for the Motard Biker in Black, you won't be disappointed! Please keep us posted on what you decide.
  5. I love the biker so diff from all the other bags right now. The texture is amazing. I really can't afford it right now, but i might charge up my card. I don't want to but its calling my name.
  6. I would go for the black biker too ....such a beautiful bag:heart:
  7. CONGRATS!!! post pix and share later! lol
  8. Congrats. Love Motard. It is very different.