Mostly, My Poupette does not impress me! Anyone agree? Or am I in the wrong?

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  1. What irritates me about some my poupette sellers is that they put on this pretentious, self-important "thing". Its like, "Im "my poupette", therefore everything I sell is legit, and dont ever question me!" type of thing.

    Honestly, I dont care who you are. If Im buying a high end bag and I have authenticity doubts, I will politely ask you to offer me some better evidence. I mean come on! I have seen with my own eyes a high and mighty "my poupette" seller selling fakes! On my buyers account, I even left a negative for a my poupette seller selling a fake.

    Something else that got me thinking is that on my sellers account, I have had nearly 500 successful transaction and not one authenticity claim, and I am unsure as to how I would respond to a claim of unauthentic goods.

    Am I in the wrong here? Should I hold My Poupette in a higher regard? Should I hold my tongue? Perhaps be more understanding? Less suspicious?

    I really dont know, but in this day and age with counterfeits being mass produced to look nearly IDENTICAL to their real counterparts, it has become truly hard to distinguish what is real and what is not.
  2. no, I think you're right. If you're paying that much for a bag, you have the right for better evidence and assure yourself that you are indeed buying an authentic bag.
  3. I agree! I just bought a fake bag from an MPRS. They had logos all over their page, but they aren't even listed as an MPRS on my poupette's site. I don't know if they kicked them off their list or if they just aren't patroling who is using their name.

    I have another beef with MP after paying to have a Chanel authenticated and then being told after I had to contact them repeatedly that they don't see any warning signs and I could find out for sure by taking it to chanel to be cleaned. Hello, I knew that, that's why I was paying give me a definite yay or nay...waste of money in my book.
  4. Well, MP is useful if you also do your research and make sure the person is actually a member of the MPRS. It's like the topic that has been brought up here before about trusting people who say they're TPF members. Well that fact alone isn't worth anything unless you check around here to see if they're actually a member or if they say they are one, ask what their username is.
    In addition, post the link to the item you're interested in in the respective authentication forum on here; there are many members who are definitely willing to help. It's always good to get a second opinion if you're unsure.
    It's too bad that we can't just trust people but there are always the bad apples that ruin it for all the good ones.
    If it's LV you're inquiring about, I personally recommend that people use CarolDiva's service instead ( That's who most of us recommend over on the LV authentication board since she's quicker in her response.
  5. I've bought from several MPRS located in EU and all transactions have been good. I think that with any seller customer service is important and they should answer all questions potential buyer might have :yes:

    echo_, you didn't buy a fake from MPRS if they aren't listed on mypoupette's site. Anyone can say they are MPRS to give you false sense of security, that's why it's always important to check :smile:
  6. I totally agree....they are pretensious and do a half a$$ job...pardon my french!

    I used to think it was a great service until I discovered otherwise...they grew too big too fast and are NOT experts on all brands. She ruinned a sale for me on my Authentic Chloe bag.....She had no clue what she was talking about and claimed that my bag was fake and I had to refund the buyer. My bag was 100% authentic as per Aloha Rag and Chloe NY. The person I dealt with there was a ***** about it and very unapolagetic. She would barely admit she made a mistake to save the buyers a$$ and ofcourse becuase God forbid these *****es make mistakes.
    I would never deal with them again....

    That whole story was posted on the ebay subforum back when it happened a while ago....

    P.S. sorry for the language but hearing their name makes my blood boil...
  7. i personally have only had good experiences with having mypoupette authenticate items, but that was a few years back and before I could have tPF authenticate for free!

    If you are buying from an MPRS on eBay, you absolutely must make sure they are registered with the site. Always check up on people. Buyer beware always.
  8. Surely if you have taken the trouble to get yourself registered with my poupette it's because you don't want people to doubt you sell authentic, so why be so moody about providing further evidence where requested?!
  9. your absolutely right, in fact there is an article in ebay about people claiming to be members of my pochette and actually sell fakes.

    research and questions is still a must when buying anything that is high end. I dont care what they say. some sellers will go on about how they hate fakes and what not, but sell them anyway. either they really dont know or they assume most ebay buyers are idiots.
  10. If they aren't even listed on the MPRS site, then they are NOT an authentic MPRS.

    Anyone can put a fake logo up, it's a lot easier to create a fake logo than a fake bag.

    Putting the blame on MP for not patrolling who is using their name is as ridiculous as blaming LV for not patrolling who is using their brand.
  11. ^^ as a proud & trusted MPRS seller, here's my 2 cents...i've never known of a confirmed MPRS seller who's sold anything unauthentic...but i have known buyers who hit the BIN button without asking any questions 1st...and who question authenticity without having any evidence to back it up...and who are "private feedback" bidders who wait until a week later to question their purchase...and who you know for a fact lied about why their feedback's private...why should that buyer be deemed any more trustworthy than the seller (?)...especially if the seller is MPRS verified w/100% positive feedback & an excellent reputation on tPF to boot...questioning the authenticity of items from such a seller is a very serious claim...and it's not fair to make harsh claims against a seller based on assumption alone...additionally, if the item you want to BIN doesn't come w/a store receipt & that's the only way you'll trust authenticity, why would you buy it (?)...and if you still had qualms after your purchase & the seller kindly offered a refund, why wouldn't you accept it (?) some point, you either have to trust the sellers you choose to buy from for buy directly from the distributor themselves...personally, if there's a confirmed MPRS seller w/100% positive e-bay feedback & an excellent tPF repuation, i'd buy with complete confidence, but that's just me :cutesy:
  12. As humans, the only thing we know for sure is that we know nothing at all. MPRS means absolutely nothing to me and if I receive an item that looks unauthentic, feels unauthentic, I am as a result going to ask questions. Its not going to help anyone by shoving "Oh, Im MPRS, and I have a 100% feedback rating and this and that" There are sellers who have done thousands of transactions who have excellent feedback and who sell fakes.

    Bottom line is this: In a world where fakes are as prevalent, if not more so, then their authentic counterparts, buyers need to be proactive, voice their opinions, and ask for evidence. Conversely, sellers need to not shove the self-important mantra in a buyers face in place of assurance about authenticity. Questions about authenticity are a given when it comes to handbags, and you can either choose to readily accept them and accommodate the needs of your buyer, or simply not and as a result, lose their trust and their business. I find in my experience however, that those who simply brush buyers off are those who ultimately dont care about the buyer, their needs, or return business. They care about unloading the bag and making the cash.

    By they way, feedback is not a tool of character. It is a game that is played by Ebayers where the fear of retaliatory feedback and of withdrawing feedback pretty much reigns supreme. It is how such sellers as monaco babe had survived as a seller, and many others. Personally, I dont believe in sugar coating the truth or facts. If someone sells me a shady/faulty product that is mis-advertised, Im going to leave negative feedback, and ulitmately, I dont really care about retaliatory feedback. I believe in leaving accurate responses and in doing so, that pretty much helps all buyers out by letting them know when a seller is shady or not. Additionally, private feedback, while it has nothing to do with my topic that I posted, is essentially private. To use that as a tool against someone else is ridiculous. What if they bought an enema? a book on coping with depression? a pamphlet on how to build a space ship? Or anything else that one might want to keep private?

    Ultimately, while it is cliche, it is true: You cant judge a book by its cover. What you can do, however, is be aware, ask questions, and be open minded about yourself and the world around you.

  13. ^^ Not only do you get a quicker response, but she is a total SWEETHEART! :flowers:
  14. I would never trust a MPRS right off the bat without checking them out. Anyone can just right click and save an image off the internet, and that goes for MPRS logos.

    Meanwhile, I do believe they are a little pretentious. I'm not entirely sure how many people they're made of, but being an expert on all brands and all the different styles seems farfetched to me. I wouldn't trust their judgement for many things, nor would I call them an expert on handbags. We have lots of experts here of a particular style or bag and I would call them experts, and I'd say the MPRS members are experts of a certain style, but all handbags just doesn't seem feasible.
  15. About a year ago, there was one who listed a fake Damier petite bucket. The date code was some far off non-existent random number sequence too. She is/was one of the most upheld and top selling MPRS. Her excuse, on the ebay sub-forum, was that she received it from a wealthy client who had too much money to buy fakes, and she said, and I quote, "I'm not an expert." You can pm me if you want her name.