Most Wanted Lv Purse Right Now?

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  1. Have $$$$ to spend at LV, but I want to sell what I buy. What is the most wanted purse right now?

    AgScreen :smile:
  2. Your looking to buy something to sell?
  3. yeah, I have a $1543 credit
  4. Well I am confused, you will have to pay retail and then you won't be able to sell it for more then you paid...
  5. K, this is the story

    won a neo speedy purse online from eluxury.

    Returned it for store credit here in Orlando. I'm not a purse girl.

    I really just want someone to give me $1100 or $1000 and I will buy them $1543 worth of stuff.

    Or I will buy the most popular thing out and sell it on eBay. Follow?
  6. Epi Alma in old red color or black lambskin Riveting.
  7. You could sell the credit on eBay... I have never had an LV credit but, if there is no signature or anything, you can just sell the credit to someone for less then it is worth!!!
    How did you win this bag from eLuxury, did they have a contest???
  8. thanks katie :smile:
  9. how did you WIN from elux?!!!!:wtf:
  10. Not a contest. It was an offer thing. But that was my prize when I was complete. All of my other prizes for things came as checks, but this time I got the actual bag. Unfortunately, the credit is in my name and not transferable says my LV store salesperson. :sad:
  11. You won't be able to buy the most popular bag because they're waitlisted and already pre-sold to establish customers.
  12. Has anyone ever used someone else's credit? Are they transferable, cause my store rep said no.
  13. Sorry but something just doesn't sound right about this story.The gals here visit e-Luxury on a daily basis and none have mentioned a contest.My best friend manages an LV store and I've been told they don't give credit for purchases made from e-Luxury,to receive a credit the item must be returned to e-Luxury.Don't mean to offend you but this is out of the ordinary.
  14. Don't mean to be rude, but never heard of elux having a "contest"......:shrugs: .....something doesn't sound right to me.
  15. If the credit is issued in your name it is Non Transferable. Unless you were the gift giver and your name is in the database as the original buyer.
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