Most versatile paddy satchel currently available?

  1. I'm thinking of ordering a paddy from LVR (they ship to Australia).

    According to their site, mousse, taupe and black are avaliable.

    Which colour do you guys think would be the most versatile?

    I wouldn't mind if people posted their own pics of this bag in these colours because the LVR pics are horrid! (I wouldn't mind seeing them in different light coditions...)

    TIA :smile:
  2. I love the mousse, but I think any of these colors would be really versatile.
  3. I guess it would depend on your wardrobe too... what kind of colors are you more prone to wear? Also you might want to consider what other color bags you already have. The mousse and taupe are really pretty colors and black is always a classic so look around in your closet! ;)
  4. Hi Kap, I'm from OZ too. Wrt versatility, I think all of them are ok. Pretty safe as they're not loud colours. But the black would be less "trendy" as is with anything black.

    About LVR, I ordered a choco Paddy from their website only to be told a couple of days later that they don't have any. My CC was already debited! Since their correspondence via email is quite lacking, I rang them and they said there was a glitch in the website where things that are showing as "available" are really not in some cases. The weird/awful thing is, they continued to allow the choco Paddy to be seen as "available" even after a week since, knowing full well of the glitch. Some girls here who bought Mulberry Phoebes were also caught by this glitch.

    Anyway, I'd recommend that you call them 1st to see if they actually have the bag in stock before ordering online. Just a safeguard. Coz it took them about a week to cancel the charge and that's after 3 emails I sent to them to have it done immediately, my last email was not so nice.. Their website says it can take up to 2 billing cycles but I find that ridiculous.
  5. I agree, black is the most "classic".
  6. That's not very good! 2 billing cycles! Do they mean CC billing cycles? 'cause that's 2 months!

    Do they speak English if I ring them.... my Italian is a little rusty to say the least... I only studied it upto 11th grade and that was a long time ago.

    I was leaning towards black anyway (but just wanted your opinions)... it kind of goes with everything. But is the texture and softness of the leather visible in black?
  7. Kap, yeah the girl who deals with customer service on the phone is Christina and she speaks fluent English. Sounds a bit American too:smile:

    Yeah, as in 2 CC billing cycles. I did not accept that, hence my 3 emails stating IMMEDIATELY, lol!
  8. Okay that's good then. I will ring when I am ready to order :smile:
  9. Hey Kap, whereabouts are u in OZ? Coz u know, DJs in Syd and Melb have Paddys, totes, satcels, loafs, baby satchels, etc.. inc other Chloes like the silverado, et al. They are heaps marked up tho and I can give u an indication of their prices if you like. I think your other post mentioned the shopper tote? Good to go along to check out the sizes and so on for yourself, then order one from overseas. Cheaper that way.

    Also, Cactus Jam in QV Melbourne stock Paddys (decent price) as well as Miss Louise Melb and prolly Syd. Elle in Perth also stocks them. And I'm not sure about Christine in Melbourne but I just found out they have Marc Jacobs bags (really marked up) and they're very snobby there!!!
  10. ^ I'm in SA. There's not even a shadow of a chloe here :sad2:

    But I have seen them in Dj's Melbourne when I went to visit/shopping.
  11. Aww, poor thing, lol! I really get what you're saying. I lived in SA for a few yrs and boy was I feeling blue! Hey at least now they've got the new DJ complex and lots more shopping on Rundle Mall. And I always loved Miss Gladys Sym Choon on Rundle St. Lots of nice things there. And Bongiornos Cafe after clubbing, lol!
  12. Forgot to say: give Cactus Jam a call to see what stock they have. They can ship to you! (03) 9654 1087. They were expecting mousse and jaune and maybe taupe on their next shipment, I think, and will take pre-orders. Not sure if they have black. I know they did get some 06 Noirs in (the dark grey ones) coz they rang me to ask if I wanted (I was 1st on their w/l coz I pestered so much, lol!) but I passed coz I really wanted the choco. But that was about a mth ago when they had the Noir.
  13. I own a mousse and I find it to be very versatile. nice color, not as dark as lvr pictures it. There are mousse photos in the documenting chloe colors thread
  14. Taupe is really versatile! But I think the most important thing to consider is the colour of the hardware. If you accessorise more with silver, go with the Mousse. If gold, go with the taupe or black.
  15. Yes, I'd consider what you have, but if it's the black your little heart desires, see if you can find it in Oz first, by the sounds of it. But the hardware is seomthing to consider too. I don't wear a lot of yellow gold, so I usually have preferred the silver hardware on a bag. But I've changed my mind for these babies!
    Good luck and let us know what you do!