Scarves Most Versatile Hermès Scarf Ring?

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  1. Hi TPFers,

    I just got back from Paris where I purchased an Au Coeur scarf. It's such an intricate beauty that I would love to get a scarf ring to be more creative with the tying. What would you recommend for the most versatility? I am kicking myself for not buying one in France.
  2. Hi Renee.
    I have only chaîne d'ancre rings, as I feel they have the most versatility. I sometimes use one of my rings (for finger) as a scarf ring, but there is not as much possibility.

    I have quite a collection:
    - one from Hermès (in dark palladium), but I don't use it very much, because it's quite heavy
    - one from MaiTai, in mother of pearl, and its my favorite
    - 3 from "wear joie de vivre" (in horn). they are cheaper than MaiTai's, but, the finition is not as nice
    - 7 in plastic that are actually belt buckles from which the metallic part was removed (I found them in a specialized store, next to zippers, needles, thread and buttons ;) )

    MaiTai's website is THE website to visit. On her store, you'll find pages dedicated to each kind and size of rings, listing how you can use them depending on the scarf you own. It will let you know what kind of ring appeals to you.
  3. ^ +1 for MaiTai: great quality and resource for scarf knots.
    I made a few MoP rings myself for everyday use. My MaiTai scarf ring I use for special occasions.
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  4. If you want an H branded scarf ring, the Cosmos or Regate are good, or if you can find one, the Chaine d'ancre in wood or horn. The metal cd'a is too heavy I find. I quite like the Bolduc too. The key to versatility I find is using them in conjunction with knots.
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  5. My favourite is the Regate, I wear it normally or as a weight when wearing the bias-folded scarf like a necklace with the ends tied behind the neck. Tried a Bolduc for a while but it wasn't for me.

    Another happy customer here for MaiTai's scarf rings. They are just like Chaine d'Ancre but not as heavy as the H metal versions. My favourite is the mother of pearl. Plus Mai Tai is simply lovely to buy from.
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  6. I also highly recommend Mai Tai's scarf rings. I have the horn, MOP and bone ones. In terms of the shape, I find the Cd'A shape to be more versatile compared to a single loop ring. I also would not recommend H metal Cd'A as it is really heavy. Have fun browsing Mai Tai's website.
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  7. Thank you so much ladies! Off to browse Mai Tai's site (I was looking for knotting inspiration but will check out the store now.)

    I do love the look of the metal ones but heavy doesn't work so well for me so that seems like a great solution.
  8. Another endorsement for Mai Tai's scarf rings. I have a MOP and it's beautiful. Hope you are successful in your search.
  9. I have to agree...MaiTai has beautiful scarf rings..shawl rings, too.
    Great tutorials.
    I do love the Hermes scarf ring that looks like a horse bit (mors?)... it will allow you to wear a jersey scarf like a halter top.
  10. Yes! I was going to say the Mors scarf ring is extremely versatile too.
    MaiTai has tutorials on how to use it with each style of Hermes scarf.

    90 cm
    70 cm
  11. Thanks for the recommendations on MaiTai's scarf rings! I've been looking at them and wondering if they are nice.
  12. I love the Bolduc scarf ring!
  13. Completely agree on the MaiTai rings. I have a few sizes and they do really help in creating some beautiful knots. Plus, she has excellent instructions on her website.
    As for Hermès rings, I have the Mors scarf ring and while I think it is beautiful, I have trouble to really make it work (doesn't seem to hold the scarf that well). Instead, I have made it into a necklace. (Simply tied through one loop with a leather cord and letting it hang below my neck.) Can post a picture if you like.
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  14. If you are looking for a versatile scarf ring (Hermès or knot, haha, pun intended), then I suggest something with two "eyes" if you get what I mean. That is what I use the most. An choose a size that can accommodate both 90 cm carrés and shawls. (MaiTai has a guide on that.)
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  15. Perhaps @bunnycat can share how versatile the Mors ring is. She's inspired a few to buy one. :smile: There's also plenty of pics here on how members use their scarf rings for their silks.
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