Most Versatile Coloured Bags

  1. I buy black bags. I always think they are more practical and will match more, but honestly I think it has just become a habit and a safety net - and a boring one at that.

    So what is a good, versatile colour to start with? My wardrobe is based on a lot of black with some earth tones thrown in. Red is nice, but perhaps not as "everyday" as others.

    What are some of the coloured bags you have, and do you have pics? Would teal be a good choice? Blue? Pink? White, ecru or natural?
  2. Since summer is coming up, I always like to have a white bag. It's pretty versatile. If pure white is too stark for you, try ivory. I remember reading in In Style last year about white bags, view it like a fling, the color will not last :crybaby:
  3. I just purchased a white bag for this summer. I can't believe this is my first white bag. Am anxious to wear it, as I was never into white. So, we shall see!!!!
  4. This color which they call 'Nude Snake' goes with everything, it's perfect for Summer and looks great with black (it will lighten up your black outfits). Any light camel would be nice to. Better to start branching out with a neutral rather than bright color. . .. red, green, blue. . . those come next.
  5. Dark blue or navy is really versatile for me. Brown also, but I wear a lot of brown.
  6. I wish you luck! Last summer, I found this great nylon Ralph Lauren bag on sale at TJ Maxx for $50. Got so many compliments on it. I cleaned and treated the bag every week with stain-resistant spray, and it still only lasted a little over two months. This year, I got a leather one, way more $50, but I'm hoping it will have a longer life.
  7. I have a couple of green bags (earthy sort of moss/fern green) that go really well with black/brown/blue clothing. hope this helps!
  8. Dark white or ivory is great all year round. I think certain reds are very good neutrals. It also sounds like some shade of tan/brown/camel would be good with your wardrobe.
  9. I think light blue goes with a lot. Looooove the blue!
  10. I love ivory, beige, and gray! I think these colors look gorgeous with everything!
  11. I have blacks & browns and many, many other colors in my collection. Colorful bags give an otherwise ordinary outfit some interest. If you have a lot of earthtones in your wardrobe a bag in the green family, orange family, yellow family (very big this spring/summer) would be a good choice. You can never go wrong with white also. Here are some of my favorites .....
    Jimmy Choo

    Jimmy Choo
    Bottega Veneta
    Miu Miu

    or what about a nice metallic .... goes with everything!

  12. [​IMG]

    I just bought this today, from Coach's new line, pretty versatile!
  13. white or red
  14. I agree! I've had several green bags over the years--in the olive to darker forest green shades--and they really go with a lot. Here's a pic of my green Prada bag that I bought a couple of years ago:


    Also, I've found that my dark burgundy Jimmy Choo Ramona bag is pretty versatile--more versatile than a bright red bag that I have.

  15. I think camel/tan is the most versatile color, and it looks good with all colors, and it goes with black and brown. Green is also surprisingly very versatile.