Most Versatile Colour: Nut or Cashmere Grey?

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  1. I personally love the small size. I find it a lot easier to take from day to night. It still has the versatility to wear 3 ways (crossbody, handheld, and shoulder). It is not as heavy as the medium size, and I love using it for everything from errands to a dinner out. I just got back from a long weekend in NYC and it is the only bag I brought with me. It is a great crossbody for sightseeing! When I have more to carry I use larger bags like my Paraty or Neverfull.
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  2. I noticed that same problem on my mini marcie ...
  3. have you ripped them off? I have had to keep ripping them off, I think it's from the friction on my clothes rubbing it off. Annoying...
  4. Yes, i rip them off when i see some.

    Fortunately no damages are caused by this on the bag.

    It’s more annoying than harmful.

    I think that it’s due to the material used for the glazing.
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  5. I have the medium Marcies in both the Nut and Cashmere Grey. I love them both. Sorry, not helpful to you at all!
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    I think that nut is a much more casual color than cashmere, but both bags does ofc look very casual as the Marcies have a very casual design, I would personally pick the grey as I would feel limited with the nut color, as it would not go with much in my wardrobe. It has a more "western" look to it whilst the grey is "only" boho, imo. :smile:
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