Most Versatile Colour: Nut or Cashmere Grey?

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  1. I fell in love with the Marcie satchel in Nut 18 months ago and it's been on my wish list ever since.

    Then at Christmas my attention suddenly turned to the Cashmere Grey. I feel that maybe it'll be easier to match with different colours and I don't have any grey bags in my collection.

    Hit me with your experiences of either or both colours, ladies! I won't be able to see them IRL and can only get one.

    All help greatly appreciated! X
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  2. I have the cashmere grey in the mini marcie crossbody and LOVE how versatile the colour is! It goes with everything. So far I haven't seen any colour transfer and I wear a lot of denim. HTH! :smile:
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  3. Thanks a lot for your reply! I have the mini crossbody in Tan, it's a great bag! Enjoy yours [emoji16]
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  4. Did you ever experience little strings of the glazing coming off on the strap? My bag was bought brand new so I know authenticity is not a problem.
    Since wearing the bag (a month now) I find little strings of glazing coming off.
  5. No, I haven’t noticed that but then I don’t wear it every day. I’d be pretty upset if that happened to mine within a month and I knew that I wasn’t abusing the strap!
  6. I'm looking at the strap right now and it just appears its the "extra" glazing on the sides are coming even after ripping it off it doesn't affect the actual glazed areas.
    you know how when you colour outside the just seems to be the outside the lines glazing is coming off. ;)

    I love the tan colour, I don't have that colour in a purse.
  7. Ah, that's not so bad! Phew!

    The tan colour is so rich and I love the Chloe boho feel to the crossbody in this shade.

    Cashmere Grey is so beautiful too, and I suspect that's the Marcie I'll end up going for. Is it a warm grey or cool grey?
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  8. It’s more of an in between depending on lighting.
    When indoors it looks warmer but in the sun looks cooler.
    But trust me, it’s a nice grey! I don’t like greys that almost look black or too light to look washed out if you know what I mean.
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  9. I am so intrigued now! Thanks for all your help [emoji5]
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  10. I'm a fan of Nut, and think grey is less versatile in terms of matching clothes.
  11. Ooh, thanks for your input! My worry with Nut is that it might look too washed out against darker colours like navy or khaki. Do you find it works with most colours?
  12. Personally I think cashmere grey is harder to match with than Nut, and often think that grey bags stands out oddly instead of looking harmonious. But that's just me hun!
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  13. I like the warmth of Nut but wondered if grey was easier to match, so your opinion is really useful! Thank you!
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  14. I have owned the Nut in the medium size and currently own the small in the Cashmere Grey. Both are beautiful neutrals and easy to pair with lots of outfits. However, I think the Nut is strictly a casual bag and the Grey is easier to dress up OR down
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  15. Thanks sundreamer, that's interesting because I always imagined the nut as being both casual and a bit more formal. It's great to get different opinions!

    How do you find the small compared with the medium size?
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