Most versatile color for a first (not black)?

  1. Hey ladies,

    So I've decided on a Grenat city for a daytime bag. What's a good versatile color for a First? I'm looking for something that will match both black- and brown-based outfits. I kind of would like to get a color (as opposed to either a purely black or brown bag). Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. hmm... maybe cornflower or origan if you are looking for a colorful bag (and looking to get it in a store, not eBay) that will go fabulously w/ black an brown. but also this next season's blue india would be fabulous!
  3. Origan is such a great idea! And I do want to buy it on a store and not off eBay. But what stores still carry Origan? I know that the Barney's in Copley, MA doesn't...
  4. hmm... I think you should give BalNY a call. or aloha rag... there is a list of autheorized retailers on the atelier.naff site as well!

    good luck!
  5. ITA that a blue color would be perfect! The upcoming Blue India looks pretty!
  6. How about ink?:idea:
    DSC03585.JPG DSC03584.JPG
  7. origan or ink are both neutral enough to go with blacks and/or browns.
  8. How about Grey? I love my grey 06!! :love:
  9. caramel
  10. Grey!
  11. Go for ink!
  12. here's a photo of my beloved light olive (a.k.a. origin) courier :love:
  13. Pewter! I think it's best in small doses, goes with everything, and adds a little pop.
  14. Ink! The color is like getting three bags in one! It goes with everything!
  15. i have the origan first love the color .. my wardrobe are mainly in the shades of brown and lots of white.
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