Most unusual........................

  1. .............................. I sold a pair of boots, got paid immediately, posted them to Australia in September. last week they arrived back to me as undeliverable. No contact whatsoever from the buyer. I emailed her telling her the parcel had been returned to me & asking why she didn't collect it from the Post Office after attempted delivery failed, no reply. This is so weird that someone didn't get their goods & hasn't wondered where they are or asked for money back. What do you think I should do?
  2. honestly, if you have tried to contact the buyer what else can you do? Maybe something has happened, or maybe they moved and just forgot? You have no other way of getting ahold of her-right? I would hold on to them for a bit, and try to resend an e-mail.

    I don't know what the time table for something like this should be..
  3. I am wondering should I refund the money minus the postage? It's not my fault of course but I do feel bad about having the money & the boots. the sale was early september so it's almost 3 months.
  4. ^^
    she could have moved but australia post has a service where they forward letters,etc to your new address...
    it is v. strange.
  5. Maybe you should pull up her contact info from eBay and try giving her a call, first. It's very honorable of you to consider refunding her money. But see if you can get in contact with her first.
  6. hmm, that's so strange! I'd try to contact her...after that, I'm not sure there's much more you can do.
  7. I had to call someone when I didn't hear from them. It worked out for me because of the phone call, but since it's been almost 3 months for you, I think nothing will come of it. You may just end up with the money and the boots.

    Call and keep emailing for a bit to protect yourself.
  8. That is very strange. I wouldn't refund unless you hear from her. Otherwise you are just "donating" the money to the Paypal corporate bigwigs, and heaven knows, they certainly don't need any more of our money!
  9. I would try to call her. Maybe she is ill or even worse. Life happens...

    It is nice of you to consider refunding. Makes me have hope for humanity....
  10. errrrr.... (trying not to sound melodramatic, but) one my friends sold a mobile phone on eBay and the same thing happened - he found out eleven months later that the buyer had passed away.

    Fauve is right - life does happen...

    If something has happened (touch wood that it hasn't), would their bank accounts still be active?
  11. I agree, I would try to call the buyer. Hopefully, they are alright. Maybe they never got the attempted delivery notice. Wierd though they haven't answered any e-mails, but their computer could be broken or something of that nature.
  12. Thanks for all the replies:

    Yes SweetLVbaby, I thought of that the money could just lie in the Paypal coffers.

    i_wona & fauve, yes I thought that also maybe the lady passed away or had an accident, how dreadful!
    I certainly wouldn't want to keep the money even though none of this is my fault but I would deduct my costs, post & eBay fees. If she is not responding I won't get the fees back.

    It is weird though someone left her feedback in october & as late as the 11th November so she has been active long after I sent the boots & just isn't replying to my mails. I don't understand it when she has paid for the boots & has never questioned that she didn't receive them.
  13. Bag Angel, this definately sound wierd that she has left feedback for a transaction that she never received! If I were you just keep the money and re-sell the boots, especially if it's been 3 months!
  14. Maybe she forgot she purchased them? Bit far fetched but possible.
  15. I agree, she may have just completely forgot about them. I would put the money aside for her. I would try to contact her for a while and give her the money back. I probably would not refund the s/h since you did your part. It all depends on what happened. Hopefully you can get this sorted out.