Most underrated Kooba that you love?

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  1. For me, it is the Jennifer and the Dylan. I had a Jennifer, sold it, regretted it, repurchased it, and it just came today! I love feels good on my shoulder, the leather is soft and smooth, and I love the taupe/brown combo. Same with the has a funky look to it that I love.

    Which not-so-popular Koobas do you love, and why?
  2. I have a soft spot for the Cameron bag. I remember a thread about it resembling a flying nun, but I really liked it. It's one of those purses you don't really see how nice it looks until you wear it. A great tote, and stylish and roomy.

    Also, I have the Jackie in Cuoio and that is really nice too. The dylan and Jackie are both cinched butthe Jackie fits my better. ...;)Also another purse that made me love it after trying it on.
  3. Parker in black Patent. I keep thinking I'm going to sell this bag..but then I find a million reasons NOT to..I love patent and this bag is so soft and lush and not a really 'in your face' patent either.
  4. I have always liked the Natalia....even after someone here said it reminded them of a cockroach. :roflmfao:
  5. I like my Sloane a lot, even though it is not a very popular style, from what I can tell. I like the size and the belted detail- it is kind of military-looking a bit, but I think it is different.
  6. In my opinion, Koobas best year was '05. That was the year that they really took off with their hits like the Sienna, Scarlett, Lucy, Chiara, Claudia, etc. But the great thing about the early years was that nearly all of the bags were aesthetically pleasing (unlike today where many of the styles are hit or miss). Here's a real gem from the Spring '05 collection - the Justine.


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  7. I agree about 2005 styles. Nothing has really matched up to it collection-wise; I love my Lucy.

    I hope they get back on track soon.
  8. You are right! 2005 rocked! I would love to have the Justine. And also I'd like a Casey. 2005 brought us the Brooklyn, Alex, and Lucy's.

    Casey Rust Fall 05.jpg
  9. I don't hear a ton of mention about the Ginger, but I love mine. It's a suede one, too, and I don't ever really hear much about suede Koobas. Anyhow, it's a cute, practical bag and the suede is holding up beautifully.
  10. Wow, the Justine and Casey are to die for!
  11. We're getting all nostalgic here aren't we. I too love the older models. I especially love my Taylor, such a comfortable and slouchy bag and the color is mocha at it's best.
  12. I like the Natalia as well, I would like to have one in the really distressed brown. I also would like to get a Farrah. Actually there are quite a few of the older bags that I liked, but not enough to keep!
  13. I was going to mention the 2005 line, too! LOL! In fact, I have these lines bookmarked! The Spring and Fall were perfection! I'd fall apart if I ever came across a Justine or Helena or non-metallic Lisette!

    I'd also love to try out a Natalia but I think she'd end up being just a tad too small for me. :sad:
  14. Love all those bags!!! But the gives me the creepy crawlies. I'm one of the ones that thinks it reminds me of a cockroach...LOL
  15. Thanks so much for posting the links to the 05 Kooba bags! Wow, have you kept them bookmarked since 2005?? I just posted a question about an unknown bag (to me) that was advertised on ebay as an "Eden"...and it appears, looking at your links to Kooba, it's a Kendall. Thanks for the information!