Most underrated bags you love?

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  1. Inspired by the thread about which bags you hate that everyone loves, let's do the opposite. What do you think are the most overlooked bags that you absolutely love????
  2. I think Kate Spade, although her stuff has become so trendy now. I really like her style, but now I pretty much just use my LV purses, although I also llike to use on occassion my Gucci and Burberry purses as well.
  3. i think my lv cerises speedy. many people love it but many people hate it because it looks childish :P
  4. Grocery They really get the job done!
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. My vote has to go to Tano Bags. Underrated, well priced, fabulous quality, great styles.
  7. I'll say Gryson.
    Seriously, it is soooo much easier to come up with over rated, over priced bags.
  8. I think there are some really nice kate spade bags out there that are underrated. Since they go on sale so frequently, you can really get some deals.

    I also think the Sak bags are underrated, they are so functional and cheap. I know the crochet look isn't for everyone, but the line has some fabulous and diverse options now that aren't just crochet. Even their leather bags are good quality for the price. Plus you can almost always find the Sak bags on sale for $30 or less, I think they're a good buy for a casual bag.
  9. My poor Dooneys. Stand up to all this awful Connecticut weather with nary a stain.
  10. IMO, underrated would have to be Botkier and BR. They have great quality leather and classic styles.
  11. Cole Haan, Kate Spade, and Dooney AWL.
  12. I love some of the Anya Hindmarch bags. I don't think she's underrated not just well know in the US
  13. Lambertson Truex. They make great bags but I think they don't have a following as much as other designer bags because they are made in the U.S., not Italy or France.
  14. i agree - cole haan
  15. Nap sacks! There is nothing more comfortable for lugging huge textbooks and binders (univ. days) and nothing easier for keeping hands-free to help kids in and out of the SUV. So much better for your back, spinal alignment etc.

    That said, they're not chic, and I'm not carrying one right now.. but I still love my swiss army one.