Most Underrated Bag

  1. Which Hermes bag do you think is the most underrated and under-appreciated? Why?
  2. Tough question for me to answer!

    I spend my time oogling the four or five styles I love the most and pretty much toss all the others to the side.

    I will have to read everyone elses response to this one.
  3. The himlaya,...causes dizziness;)

  4. Well, right now I might have to go with the Constance since I know what my first thoughts were about it and how that changed once I saw it IRL.

    Always thought it was a little....oh....stodgy. BUt once I saw it and tried it I thought, Heck NO! This is one sophisticated little beauty! Very classic and very, very chic. Great with jeans and a white shirt and flats!
  5. Off the top of my head, a Berlingot, for practicality's sake anyway. I like the adjustable shoulder strap (not to mention the subtle H on it), the ziptop closure, the chevre lining, and the interior zipper pocket. Chevre lining is a big thing for me since I can throw things inside w/o having to worry about scratching it up. It's not a recognized Hermes bag but if you know Hermes' nuances, it's definitely "Hermes".

    Other underrated bags are the Constance, Escapada, La, Kabana, Muso Court, Dalvy, and Himalaya.

    OK, just kidding about the Himalaya!
  6. I would have to say the Evelyne. I know some people are against the non-leather strap but it is soooo comfortable to wear! My shoulders kind of "slope" and shoulder bags always slip off but not this one!:girlsigh:
  7. Picotin. Perfect summer bag in a light color. Very Cape Cod. Looks great with a cute sundress. Very casual in comparison to the Kelly and Birkin.
  8. Jige!!!
  9. after giving it some thought, I'd say the berlingot bag,..I think it may be the size, and shape, the ladies who go for the birkin or kelly seem to carry alot in their bags, sometimes even use it for business files et.
    the berlingot is casual, more of a "key i.d, and lipstic" bag. so here I think it's the size, in second place I would put the constance, it is small and rigid, ( I love rigid bags) but this one is hard to operate, looks dressy all the time, and fits very little,...I would like it only for very formal occasions.
  10. Escapade
  11. Evelyn!!!
  12. I think the Picotin and Herbag. I agree with HG and the Picotin has a classic style and great for on the go, while I love the versatility of the Herbag.
  13. OT - I love the sac "LA".....I agree, very underrated.
  14. I would have to say the Berlingot. I find this to be one of my favorite everyday bags. I love that I can wear it over my shoulder. Perfect shoulder purse for everyday use. I have one in Potiron and now I'm hunting for a black and a brown one.

    Constance is my second vote, and people wouldn't believe me when I say this but this is also another perfect shoulder bag, I can fit my bearn wallet in it perfectly and I can go from casual to glam in this baby!! Perfect with jeans!!
  15. I think Plume is pretty underrated....